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Reiki FAQs

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A: As Reiki practitioners we know that health is not merely the absence of disease. It is so much more than that. A healthy body is one that is in balance on all levels; the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical parts of our being. Because the energy of Reiki is from the highest source it appears to have its own intelligence and continues to go to the top healing priority needed for lasting results.
A: Reiki Natural Healing is a spiritual discipline it touches all parts of the practitioner, and we gradually move beyond the psychological outline. Those things, which do not serve us, are burned away. We develop a wider relationship with the spiritual self and others, and all that is. Sometimes this burning away can be a bit uncomfortable. A part of us seems to know when intense things are surfacing to let go and we simply don’t want to go there. It can take a while before realizing to move forward in life those things need to go. Then we are ready to tap into Reiki’s assistance to heal them. The good news is…after each of those returns to our Reiki practice our life continues to be healthier and happier and there is no longer a need to avoid our practice. It’s Reiki Master Time!
While treatments and initiations flow into the body, the precepts flow into the mind. The precepts are not so much rules of living, but a way to stimulate the question of how we live. Treatments and precepts together honor who I am and what serves me, and remind us of how we could possibly be.
Reiki is an integrative therapy for stress reduction and relaxation that allows everyone initiated into the practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho to tap into an unlimited supply of “life force energy” to improve health and enhance the quality of life. However, instead of explaining I recommend demonstrating it with a mini-treatment. Reiki cannot be seen or truly understood you don’t know it exists until you feel the sacredness of what was hidden.
They can be, but not always, as in all Reiki treatments it depends on the specific needs of each individual. Example: One of my students did extensive research with 3 sets of 10 green bean plants. One group received no Reiki, one Hands-on and one Distant treatment for 50 days. The two groups receiving Reiki had increased growth, development, survival, and vitality. The Hands-on treatment group showed the highest rates for flower/pod production and germination. The Distant treatment group showed the highest rate of height and leaf growth.
A: After your First Degree training and doing self-treatment and sharing treatments with others for a while the desire to share the many healing benefits of Reiki began to escalate. Soon the thought of Public Practice entered your mind. Then after Second Degree training your practice expanded again by offering clients mental and distant treatments. It is no different to add animals to your menu of services. As you know you can treat animals with hands-on and distant treatments. However, like working with humans sometimes more healing information can be revealed with a distant session. Often then if you do meet the animal your personal energy and Reiki’s energy is recognized as being a loving energy already experienced.
A: Seldom do I provide one Reiki treatment. If people are serious about their healing and maintenance program they will normally continue to appreciate a series of 4, 6, 8 or 12 sessions much more than a single session. Frequency of Reiki treatments is determined by what you experience in your Reiki Hands while providing their session. Check your client’s treatment record. What did you report experiencing during the first treatment compared to the fourth treatment? What mental, emotional, spiritual and physical progress did the client report receiving? Why is the client calling for more sessions? Frequency of Reiki treatments depends on many different factors that you will quickly learn to intuit the more you work with clients. Your recommendation may be different for each client depending on their personal needs and desires for healing.
A: It is important to let your clients know that taking the training doesn’t mean they can no longer be your client. It is not one or the other it is simply a way to move ahead faster with their healing process. Many of my clients are also my students. Their self-treatments allow them to maintain energy from our sessions longer and then of course allow us to go to deeper levels of healing with their next treatment. Ask Reiki and the Grand Masters for guidance and/or send a distant treatment to situations and answers will be there for you.

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