Path of Reiki Mastery

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Usui System of Natural Healing is a way of life for its masters. There is honor and respect that masters remain students and not creators of the system. Appreciation for the simplicity and the power of Reiki grows as we grow.

Reiiki Grand Masters

From generation to generation…

Masters agree to use the form as it is protected by the current lineage bearer Johannes Reindl, honoring that he has been chosen to be the bearer of this lineage. He carries the seed of Usui Shiki Ryoho, passed from one generation to another, and it is his responsibility to see that the seed is passed on without distortion.

Reiki as a way of life

“Surrender” to the flow of the guidance of the Reiki energy becomes an exciting way to trust life without the need to know why. However, there is the continual awareness that we are partners with Reiki. We don’t just turn over our lives. We use our power of choice.

The Reiki Alliance

The Reiki Alliance is a voluntary body of masters who come together through a common commitment and desire for a Reiki Master Community. Masters and Master Candidates have a lifelong commitment to each other. Candidates receive support on their teaching journey. They mature as a team in mutual respect.

Masters Continue to Grow

Students carry home Reiki energy in their Reiki Alliance certificate. An Alliance seal is placed next to the master’s signature. There are times when a master is guided to also use a personal seal. On April 7, 2005 after fourteen years of teaching Reiki, Shalandra Abbey received her personal seal. It had arrived from and was created by a Reiki Master colleague living in Greece.

By sending Reiki and using meditation he creates the seal. This can take weeks, months or even years, as timing is important. Fokke says; “the master does not choose the stone but the stone chooses his master”. Shalandra’s stone was carved by a 90 year old man in mid-China named One Stone. He hears the image in the stone screaming to be released and takes away the stone that holds her spirit so long in prison. The text on the stone tells: “Crane birds are living long”. The Japanese word for Crane is ‘Tsuru’ – they are angels that are showering you with many blessings. The seal itself contains three parts; Trust, original, dream. The original being the great Light of the Universe which as Reiki Masters know they can fully trust.

Sharing Reiki in our Communities

Masters are encouraged to explore areas in their communities where they feel drawn to work with Reiki. Documentation of the results is important for future introduction of the energy of Reiki. Acceptance, understanding and respect of other Reiki masters and students are important. By recognizing what is shared in common and acknowledging differences we grow with the flow of the life force energy and create a better world.