The Five Reiki Precepts

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Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder and first Grand Master of Reiki Natural Healing, developed the five Reiki Precepts shortly after he decided to leave the Beggars Quarter of Kyoto. He went there to start sharing Reiki, because he felt they needed it more than others in the world. It was at this time that he became aware of some important aspects of human nature.

Asking for Healing

Usui had begun his healings with the hope of giving the beggars the opportunity to become reintegrated with society. When several of them tried and failed at shouldering the responsibilities of everyday life, he began to realize the importance of a person’s participation in their own life healing process. A person needed to want and then ask for a change/healing to make a real difference in their life. If the help of others was involved, there would also, be an exchange of energy for their time. By just giving away healings, he had further impressed the beggar pattern in many of them. He saw that people need to give back for what they receive, in order to maintain a sense of balance and not to have the feeling of indebtedness. It is not the job of any healer to try and help where healing is not wanted.

Learning Non-attachment

Dr. Usui also learned the importance of non-attachment to the results of his healings. It is possible that some of the beggars needed to live out their lives in the Beggars Quarter in order to learn certain lessons. Who are we to judge this as right or wrong? The same applies to disease. Perhaps people create a disease on a subconscious level to enable them to learn certain lessons, or perhaps, even to die. To a gifted healer, such as Usui was, to try to then interfere with a premature healing might be a real transgression into a persons essential life process. It became very clear to Usui that it was not his job to use his incredible gift to heal the world, but indeed to show people how they might help themselves. It was at this time that he realized that people needed guidelines to help them grow in understanding, and to help them shoulder greater responsibility for their own life situations.

The Five Reiki Precepts Emanate from Us Naturally

The five precepts that Usui taught emanate naturally from a person in his or her proper flow. At the same time, trying to live the precepts also helps put a person in that flow, because, what you think is truly what you are.

reiki precepts

1) Just for today, do not worry.

To worry is to forget that there is a divine or universal purpose in everything. If we are truly in tune with the guidance of our Higher-Selves, and live each day to the best of our ability, we are then aware that we have done everything in our power that we possibly can, and the rest is up to the Universal Life Force Energy. Worry is a thought pattern that results from a feeling of separateness from the Universal Wholeness.

To worry about the past is futile we need to remember that each person, including ourselves, does the best that we can in each of life’s situations, in accordance with the knowledge or wisdom we have at any given moment. We are all products of our conditioning and tend to react accordingly. If you regret a past action of yours, realize that you reacted according to your resources; then be thankful for the lesson and move on.

At the same time, realize that all injustices done to you in the past were done by others as a result of their conditioning. We can only wish them well and hope that they too have learned from their actions.

To worry about the future is also futile. There is a saying, expect the best in life, and when you receive something that you didn’t expect, know and trust that it is the best for you in your present situation. Even if what occurs seems very negative at the time, it is only a lesson. Somehow, you helped create that situation, even if on a subconscious level to learn. So feel gratitude that it has come to pass, and that you are free; then move on.

Surrender to your Higher Self, and don’t interfere with the Universal timing in life. Know that in our perfect flow there is a synchronicity of events. As long as you have completed your part in the scheme of things, all else will be taken care of. Worrying results from illogical and irrational patterns of thought, creating in turn more limitations and a further separation in consciousness. Surrender today to your Higher-Self’s plan and release yourself from worry.  Just for today do not worry.

2) Just for today, do not anger.

Anger, in reality is a totally unnecessary emotion. Like most inappropriate reactive emotions, it has its roots in the feeling of guilt from having separated ourselves from the Universal Consciousness. To anger is to desire control, which results from feeling out of control, indeed out of synchronization with our divine or universal life purpose. Many people have allowed their ego to direct their life course, at the same time ignoring the inner guidance, which would otherwise lead them to a natural and harmonious flow.

When our expectations get the best of us, and we become angry, because someone didn’t live up to our needs and desires, we tend to forget that those we have drawn into our environment are only our mirrors. Every thought that we think sets up a cause, and the effect may come back when we least expect it. Those who happen to press our buttons or stimulate our weak points are not really the cause of our anger. They are there to learn as well. You draw each other in a mutual need to complete certain lessons. When someone spurs you on to anger try to stop the emotion in order to become more consciously aware of your reactions, and, in time, master your emotions. Also feel gratitude for having been given the opportunity to witness your weak points, as only growth can result.

Finally, anger is a very disharmonious energy that creates disease in the body. It would be of great benefit to learn to transform this energy by dealing with it constructively.  Just for today do not anger.

3) Honor your parents, teachers, and elders.

To live in gratitude for those, who have made major differences in our life, is to live in abundance. When we are constantly grateful for what we have received, and for what we know and trust, it will continually be provided. We begin to magnetically attract those like energies to us. It is only our connection with the race mind consciousness or collective unconsciousness of fear, insecurities, lack, not being good enough, that keeps us from fully appreciating those who have taught and supported us. We learn to understand how important they are in order for us to receive essential needed lessons.

One fundamental concept at the root of the major philosophical and religious systems in ancient times was that of all-sufficiency. It was taught that to understand ones self was to understand God, that by going deep within one could transmute fear into love, ignorance into wisdom and lack into abundance. If you focus on what important people in your life didn’t provide, you will continue to create unhealthy energy blockages within your being. On the other hand, if you go on to be aware of the many important things you have received from your parents, teachers, and elders, you will transmute that energy to gratitude, and consistent knowing that all is one, and in divine order.

Once you have made contact with the Universal Life Energy, and feel it flowing through the entire body, you can then easily focus your attention on feelings of happiness and joy. Self-treatments will, in turn, help to clear away old subconscious patterns that might be blocking your flow of honoring certain individuals. Begin now to honor your parents on a new level, know that everyone we meet in life is our teacher; allow the elders time to share their fascinating life experiences. Honor your parents, teachers, and elders.

4) Earn your living honestly.

One great importance to a harmonious life flow is honesty in dealing with ones self. To be honest with ones self, is to face the truth in all things. Many of us live in a fantasy world when it comes to perceiving reality. When we deny the truth about reality and are ultimately faced with truth, we may become severely disjointed. Sometimes the truth seems hard to deal with in our world, but if we really look deeply, examine our own behavior, and discover the purposes that various people and situations have in our lives, we will develop compassion for all.

To live in truth is to be aligned with your Higher-Self’s purpose. Living in truth is also the simplest, least complex way to live. Truth brings clarity. When we face life honestly, we can more clearly see the lessons that we are here to learn, and complete them with much less effort. Living a life of illusion is much more complex. Denial then takes a center focus, and soon a web of falsehoods may so thoroughly bind us, to protect us from the truth, that we may have difficulty finding our way out of the maze.

If you are honest with yourself, you will tend to project honestly onto others. It then becomes easy to “do unto others, as you would have others do unto you.” When you do your work honestly; you are being truthful to your Higher-Self. This truth is reinforced by love for yourself and others, which helps to create harmony in your life and our world. So, live in truth vitalized by love, and just for today, earn your living honestly.

5) Show gratitude to every living thing.

Truly, we are all of one source. It is also clear that all forms of life are interdependent. The destructive changes that have occurred in recent times on the planet, which have happened because of Man’s insensitivity to the delicate ecological balance, have opened us up to this fact. In order to survive, we are discovering that we will need to drop our self-centered tendency to want to control nature, and learn to show love and respect for all life forms.

Through the study of physics, we now know that we are all a collective energy from the same source. There is truly no solid matter, only different levels of vibration. All forms of matter vibrate at different energy levels, yet they are all interconnected, because there are no solid barriers between them. Thus when we accept all of the various aspects of ourselves, it affects all others. Likewise, when we accept others, we too feel the reflection in ourselves. As a result, any positive energy, whether directed at others, or ourselves helps to heal the whole planet. Each person, animal, plant, and mineral, is included in the whole. To show love and respect to all others is to love and respect our mother earth and ourselves. Show gratitude to every living thing.

hand written Reiki Precepts

Yoko Concepcion Okusa, as a new First Degree Reiki Practitioner, took this photo of our Reiki Precept card and added a rock with the “Om” sign on it. I’m wondering if she fully understands how well this symbol describes what we receive from Reiki.

The “Om” symbol actually has a very deep, significant, spiritual meaning. Om is the sound that was made when all of creation came into existence. It is the essence of the universe and all creation. The “Om” represents the four divine states of loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity. The sound is beyond human comprehension and then there is added energy in the symbol.

It’s written in Sanskrit, and each part of the symbol has a very significant purpose. The two curls on top of each other each represent a state of consciousness. The large, bottom curl stands for the normal state of being awake. The curl above it stands for deep sleep, while the curl emanating out from the center of the two represents the dream state. Those are the states of consciousness that every human on earth experiences. But the dot and the open curve above that is what elevates the symbol to a much higher and more sacred meaning. The dot represents absolute consciousness; that’s not the same as merely being awake, but it means being fully aware of yourself and everything around you. The open curve that cradles the dot represents an infinitely open mind, which is required to achieve that level of absolute consciousness.

Reiki Natural Healing provides practitioners access to what is described in this symbol.


Reiki Precepts hand written in Japanese for Shalandra by her student Noboru. Second day of class he returned with 11 copies on rice paper for his classmates.