Amazing Wellness Found

I am so happy, so excited and so thankful for Reiki. Here are some highlights of the first twelve-days of self-treatment. During and after class there was a soreness in the ABDOMINAL AREA, cramps and diarrhea. The internal organs felt as if they had been moved or rearranged.

Day four, a popping sound in right EAR was repeated 2 or 3 times, might I one day throw away my hearing aids? Day seven, Even though I was wearing my hearing aids I was having trouble HEARING. I turned on the TV and took out my hearing aids to check the batteries. They were okay, but the moment I removed the hearing aids I had to grab the remote to turndown the sound. I was so thrilled but couldn’t quite believe it. I no longer need my hearing aids!

Day five, at 4:00 a.m., I woke up with a HEADACHE and decided to do my self-treatment. Afterwards, I was feeling completely relaxed and was surprised to realize my headache was gone and I was not even aware of when it stopped.

Day five, my THROAT felt sore, the left tonsil was painful when swallowing. In working with the Reiki energy, I noticed a distinct difference between what I was feeling in my left and my right hand. Shalandra, I’m glad you made the statement several time in class to, “pay attention to what you are feeling in your hands.” I attributed the sore tonsil to sinus drainage which I attributed to a release by the Reiki energy.

Day six, my BACK was hurting from raking leaves. I rested on my lounge chair and placed my hands over the lower abdominal area, and in a few minutes the pain was gone and I felt so RESTED and ENERGIZED, I went back to raking leaves.

Day seven, I’m no longer having trouble SLEEPING. I’m averaging 8 hours sleep per night. In reading the Reiki book from class “Reiki Energy Medicine” it mentioned something I had not even connected with Reiki. I’ve gotten in the habit of sleeping in a pair of warm wooly socks because my feet were always cold at night. In the past few nights I’ve had to remove them a few times because my feet were so warm they were perspiring.

Reiki is amazing. My self treatments are not something I must do, but something I look forward to. They are great. I’m so grateful that you come to Hot Springs Village to teach Reiki Natural Healing and I’m looking forward to taking my Second Degree training in April upon your return.

Lora Gray, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas


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