Animals Love Reiki Too!

I simply love sharing Reiki Natural Healing with animals and children. They know right away what is good for them and what is not. Unlike all the questions adults often have in a Reiki class children want to get right to it. Once they feel the healing energy there is no stopping them. They become so open and so creative it is a joy for a Reiki Master to experience. As our lineage bearer Hawayo Takata used to say, “If it isn’t simple it isn’t Reiki.” Makes me wonder why it is adults often have so much resistance to simplicity?

reiki for animals

Often when I visit someone I’m greeted by their barking dog. Then the dog seems to connect with the Reiki energy I carry and slowly stops the noise. The process is really quite humorous as the noise slowly and continuously becomes less until it stops completely. I’ve had dogs look at me and tilt their head knowing something is different with my energy field. Cats sometimes run away as I enter then, ever so slowly, return to the room to check me out. Before long, no matter what type of animal, they find a way to get under my Reiki hands.

Sharing Reiki’s healing energy with animals for over 25 years has provided the opportunity to see one healing miracle after another. This story continues to be one of my favorites.

“I am an animal lover so my pets are like children to me. One night I walked into our kitchen and saw a chewed up package of “Mouse KILL,” on the floor with my heart pounding I picked it up. My dog Bella is a very mischievous fox terrier especially with our new six-month-old puppy, Tilly, her sidekick around. It was immediately known this was very bad. We checked the dog’s teeth and sure enough they had eaten almost two whole boxes. One dose (about 1/4 of a box) being deadly. We spent about four hours trying to help them – we had called poison control and the outlook for this type of poisoning was very bleak. At midnight we brought them both to the emergency vet. Tilly was almost unconscious. The vet was afraid they would not make it through the night. They stayed at the hospital that night, and by the next morning they had not improved much, both were on IV’s.

We had heard about Reiki from friends of ours so we called Shalandra praying she could help our dogs. After the first session (a distant Reiki treatment) while they were still at the vets we saw significant improvement. Tilly began to eat on her own and their bodies expelled more of the poison. On the third day they were allowed to come home. They were still not out of the woods. Bella was completely non responsive and would not eat or drink. That day it was time for the next scheduled Reiki treatment. As I left the house Bella would not get up or respond when I said her name. I came home shortly after she had gotten her treatment and she jumped up and greeted me and even ate on her own. Tilly had an amazing recovery even though it took a couple more Reiki treatments to get back her strength. We took them back for a checkup. We had told the vet we had Reiki Natural Healing done. She had never treated and had an animal live from this type of poison. We also had the animal poison control people call us back to document our dogs because they had not had animals live through this type of poisoning. Reiki saved our dogs lives. They made a full recovery and every day my family and I are thankful to have them here with us.

Since this time four members of our family have taken Reiki training from Shalandra and use it faithfully on ourselves and others.”

The Pensinger Family
Lihue, Hawaii


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