Are You More a Giver or a Receiver?

Yes, you have heard this question before and maybe it made you stop and consider, “where am I with this life balancing act?” Perhaps after thinking about it for a while you actually did attempt to give or receive more depending on what direction your energetic scale needed to balance.

This might have been a bit of a struggle as old patterns attempted to regain control. It’s uncomfortable, so you give in and your outdated cycle starts over again. You decide to register for a First Degree Reiki class. What happens then, the old giver and receiver syndrome starts flashing like neon lights?

Your Reiki Master explains that following class you will be going through a 21 day cleansing process. There is nothing you need to consciously do it will be an automatic process that will start clearing blocked emotional, mental, spiritual and physical energy in the order needed for lasting results.

While doing daily self-treatments details about how you can now start giving or receiving more to find an energetic life balance are clear. After following this delightful guidance life is greatly enhanced. You are excited about your accomplishment until the time comes to start taking Reiki clients and an entirely new level of giving and receiving is presented for your acceptance, balance and integration.

Then again after receiving the sacred Reiki symbols and distant healing abilities in Second Degree and of course once an application is completed for Reiki Master Candidacy hang on because, depending on how much prior healing occurred determines how bumpy the rest of this ride will be to the gift of freedom.


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