I Believe in Miracles

energy handsCould I have said that I believe in miracles before I had Reiki in my life? I don’t think so. Is there any way I would have believed that people that can’t walk up the stairs with their walker to get to my Reiki Room would graduate to a cane within a few treatments and after 10 sessions could actually throw the cane away. No way. Or a chiropractor that received treatment and training reported that after 5 months his body was virtually healed of all seasonal allergies he had lived with his whole life. Plus he had suffered from severe episodes of low back pain for 20 years with compression fracture and several herniated discs.

And he had a chronic injury to his right wrist that had threatened his career as a Chiropractor to the point of needing to quit his practice for over 2 years due to disability. The list of Reiki miracles is endless and yet each time these types of healings happen, even after 25 years, I am totally amazed at the healing possibility that occurs with Reiki Natural Healing. People ask if Reiki will heal this or that problem and the answer is always yes but to what degree and how long it will take we don’t know. There is no way Reiki can hurt anyone because their body regulates how much and where they receive it.

Each time in class when I place my hand on someone’s head and feel Reiki initiation energy I’m in awe at what happened and in awe of how it works so perfectly every single time. My youngest student was 5 years old and the oldest was 95 years old. As each started doing their daily self-treatments healing began to happen for them in so many different ways. Reiki touch is like morning sunlight, touching a bud and calling forth a flower. How fast it will grow and what kind of flower it will be continues to remain a mystery.

So, many Reiki miracles continue to happen for me personally I simply had to write a book about them “Living a Live of Reiki, From Complete Healthcare to Ultimate Freedom in Day-to-Day Life” is yet another beautiful miracle in my Reiki life.


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  1. Rio March 12, 2018 at 9:19 am - Reply

    do you know who the artist of this picture is?

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