Reiki Thoughts

Reiki Handles Life’s Details Better than We Can

After living a life of Reiki for 30 years you would think the magic of its synchronistic occurrences would be commonplace; students hear me say frequently, "Trust and Surrender and allow Reiki to handle the details" and yet each day Reiki continues to bring the most enchanting surprises. The Hawaiian Islands draws clients and students [...]


Reiki for your Keiki (Hawaiian Word for Children)

Back in 1988 my life changed for the better. I was working for the IBM Corporation and thought I was living the good life. Then I heard about Reiki Natural Healing and went for my first treatment. Anger within me surfaced, looking up, I asked: “Why don’t more people know about this? Why are we [...]


Perfect Partnership

Life is filled with many adventures and partnerships. Some will say they are victims of terrible life experiences. Others will tell you those experiences were valuable learning tools. Just as the saying goes "You can look at a glass as half empty or half full" so it is with life. The good news is, as [...]


Society’s Hidden Treasure

Do you ever feel you have the answers to everything hidden deep inside of you? Even as a child I had this knowing. Life seemed simple then, because things appeared to be clearly planned out and expected. You went to school to learn what was needed to survive in the world and attended church each [...]


Are You More a Giver or a Receiver?

Yes, you have heard this question before and maybe it made you stop and consider, "where am I with this life balancing act?" Perhaps after thinking about it for a while you actually did attempt to give or receive more depending on what direction your energetic scale needed to balance. This might have been a [...]