Reiki Thoughts

Reiki’s Purity is Essential

Trust and Surrender are the first and last things Reiki teaches us. As we grow with Reiki Natural Healing and feel that expansion happening within, often the mind kicks in and thinks it knows a better way. As a result, we get off track from our precious guidance coming from the source of all things. [...]


Healing Our Ego

Yes, Reiki Natural Healing does assist to heal everything, even our self-image. In fact often times it becomes the most difficult undertaking to heal. Perhaps, as a Reiki Practitioner, you will remember a time when you were feeling really good about yourself and your Reiki practice only to attend a Reiki event and afterward feeling [...]


What Is Reiki Anyway?

It seems after answering this question for almost 30 years one would have a standard response and yet I find the words continue to change and grow as I do. Bottom line is, Reiki is a gentle, simple, and very powerful healing modality that can be used to help yourself, your family, your clients and [...]


Reiki Natural Healing Is My Ministry

Sometimes our lives just seem to change without any awareness or conscious planning. We appear to simply be along for the ride. Often we will think; gosh this is so much better than anything I could have planned. In 1989, a year after Reiki Natural Healing found me, Universal Brotherhood Movement Inc., also became an [...]


Relationship Between Reiki Master and Student

Anyone who has spent time with a true Reiki Master can tell you it isn’t always a pleasant experience. Uncomfortableness can surface from so many strange places. The Usui System of Natural Healing is a complete Healing Art…a way of living that develops on all levels of the human psyche through the intention of healing; [...]