Success Stories

My Son’s Car Accident

I will always be so grateful for your love and understanding and making the time for my rush request for Distant Reiki Treatment for Kalei. I knew everything would be fine once he received your healing energy. He was in his hospital room waiting for us before we even realized his surgery was done. He [...]


Reiki in the Womb

By Kristine Kozuki Reiki Hawaii Student I’ve been doing Reiki Natural Healing for a few years now and have no doubt in its amazing power and healing. Since I’ve become pregnant, my little one has gotten a lot of Reiki in the womb since Eric and I are both trained in this beautiful Japanese healing [...]


Reiki Encourages Retirement

Shalandra, I had gotten away from my self-treatments and was having trouble falling asleep so decided to do them. Now I fall right to sleep. It is wonderful, plus I sleep better. What a gift!!! It is amazing what comes into my mind. I have absolutely no trouble doing Reiki self-treatment now as I feel [...]


I love my Reiki Self Treatments

My broken toe and feet are healing really well. I'm getting sensation back and my balance is improving dramatically. I have noticed my body changing it's getting healthy. I have practiced Reiki on the plants in my boyfriends yard and have noticed them change and look very healthy and strong! The orange tree has produced [...]