Success Stories

I love my Reiki Self Treatments

My broken toe and feet are healing really well. I'm getting sensation back and my balance is improving dramatically. I have noticed my body changing it's getting healthy. I have practiced Reiki on the plants in my boyfriends yard and have noticed them change and look very healthy and strong! The orange tree has produced [...]


Reiki Takes Care of Dental Surgery

After going to Reiki Master Sister Jenna for a hands-on Reiki treatment and sending Reiki to the surgery the day before then Reiking the dental instruments before we started my implant surgery went very well. The periodontist remarked, "You must be living right, everything went in precisely". I have a very small jaw area and [...]


Loved My Very First Distant Reiki Treatment

Shalandra, I have to say, the treatment was incredibly surprising. I was tied up with an unexpected bath for baby Luke at the start (!) and found my left leg starting to 'zing' and my head felt more pressure during that time. My knees also felt hot throughout. By the time I got to sit [...]


Reiki Helps with Old Injury

When I prayerfully did Reiki on my head at home for a headache I saw astounding results in 2 days. A sliver of glass came up out of my temple region, that M.R.I's had missed from my car accident over 20 years ago! Also when my best friend Melanie, that was trained by Shalandra, gave [...]


Daily Reiki Self-Treatments Are Important

I had stopped doing self-treatments for about 5 days (longest period without any Reiki in 2-1/2 years) and I went surfing on Memorial Day. I got hit by someone else's board really hard on the hip (really hard!) - My first instinct of course was to put my hand on my hip and I've been [...]