Dancing with Reiki

For more than twenty years I have taught ballroom dancing on Kauai, and have enjoyed my health, energy and stamina for teaching, performing and choreographing. When faced with challenges I relied on my faith in Christian Science and benefited from natural healings. About two years ago I was scheduled for a six week course to teach a large, enthusiastic group of 40 adults how to dance the Swing.

It is a dance which has many arm movements, some overhead or around the neck for turns. Swing requires balance for its many turns, quick footwork coordinated with both partners’ quick arm movements, danced precisely to the beat. And there are also arm movements blending into choreographed poses. The day before this important event, I experienced much PAIN on my right ARM and could barely lift it at waist level. It continued to hurt through the day and I had to keep it immobilized next to my body. That evening I was teaching a smaller class and just focused on the music, but as soon as I moved the arm, the pain was overwhelming and I found my attention divided between the pain and the class. Shalandra was present and provided a short Reiki treatment which helped to allow me to teach.

I set an appointment with Shalandra for the next day. On my way to the dance class, I stopped to receive Reiki and even though I only had a half an hour treatment, the pain in my arm disappeared and has never returned. During the Reiki treatment I was also able to discover the metaphysical reason for the pain and that was an unexpected insight. I am very grateful for the divine energy that works through us to heal. Since completing the Reiki courses I have used this wonderful skill to assist in many situations for myself, my family and others.

Alena Tyler, Kauai, Hawaii


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