Healing Our Ego

Yes, Reiki Natural Healing does assist to heal everything, even our self-image. In fact often times it becomes the most difficult undertaking to heal.

Healing our ego

Perhaps, as a Reiki Practitioner, you will remember a time when you were feeling really good about yourself and your Reiki practice only to attend a Reiki event and afterward feeling terrible. It seemed the words your Reiki Master or other practitioners were saying were attacking you from all directions.

As the pain subsides usually we can recognize the situation as a priceless gift, one that has taken us another step closer to healing a damaged ego and a huge step closer to our ultimate goal of freedom on all levels.

We always have choices of being in denial and blaming another person or running and hiding from an ego healing experience, or we can choose the gift of independence.

Examination of the experience usually shows us clearly; those we thought hurt us were a pure reflection of our own real being. We start feeling lighter and more joyful as recognition of the perfection of the healing event becomes clear.

Relationship with a true Reiki Master is not always an easy one, but every day it becomes sweeter and more beautiful as our heart and mind open up to new levels of truth. The fear coming up inside becomes a healthy kind of fear and is much more enjoyable than the pain of not being who we truly are.


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