Helps with Flu & Fever

My son caught a FLU bug and at one o’clock one morning started VOMITING and had DIARRHEA. He quickly developed a FEVER of 102. I had just received my First Degree Reiki training and remembered Shalandra, my Reiki Master, saying it worked well on fevers. I gave him some Tylenol and immediately started a Reiki treatment. After about 5 minutes on his head, the fever broke. He stopped crying and quickly fell asleep. I was surprised because normally it took about a half hour before the Tylenol would work.

The Reiki calmed my son down, RELAXED him and put him to SLEEP. Later, when he woke up again the fever came back. I gave him Reiki (no Tylenol) and within 5 minutes the fever left. As I monitored him the rest of the day, I would give him Reiki whenever the fever started to come back and it quickly broke. I felt tremendous relief that I was able to help my son feel more comfortable while he struggled with the flu. He was able to sleep better and I didn’t feel so helpless when his sad eyes reflected his misery. I gave him treatments throughout the day and this really eased his DISCOMFORT.

One day I came home from work and my son had CUT the bottom of his FOOT on his binder. The ring had punctured his footpad when he stepped on it and a jagged wound resulted from the hooked ring. There was a flap of skin and an open wound about an inch long. My daughter had cleaned and dressed the cut with Band-Aid and Bacitracin. I applied Reiki and the foot became very hot (according to my son). I told him to let me know when the heat stopped.

After about 15 minutes it stopped. Upon inspection, the next day, the cut looked better and there was no redness. I Reiki’ed his foot before going to work and after I came home he got another dose. The next morning, the wound was almost HEALED. I gave Reiki morning and night for about 15 minutes each time with a lot of heat resulting. The next day it was closed, I cut off the flap of skin and that was that. No, infection, minimal PAIN, no doctor bill.

I think if he had gone to the doctor, it would have required a few stitches. It started with a THROAT irritation and progressed to a sore throat with a COUGH. During the night a sticky PHLEGM would accumulate in the back of my throat and during the day my throat would be very dry. After a few days I noticed a tightness in my CHEST, the first signs of ASTHMA. I applied Reiki to my chest and after about 15 minutes, the tightness went away. Each time I felt the tightness return to my LUNGS, I applied Reiki to my chest and the lungs would open up after about 5 minutes. A couple of times, I used an inhaler spray and then applied Reiki. After a week, all symptoms, sore throat, cough, phlegm and asthma disappeared. In the past, I had to go to the doctor to get a prescription for MEDICATION, usually Theodur pills, inhaler spray, and nebulizer medicine. At first I was apprehensive, wondering if the Reiki would be enough to control my asthma. I learned to trust Reiki as needed for RELIEF and I now feel a sense of freedom because I no longer have to relay on carrying an inhaler or knowing where one is located in my house.

I love orchids, especially honohono. This year was very unusual and I think Reiki may have influenced this. My honohono started blooming in January and continued through July. Those of us who grow honohoo know that this is not normal. Usually they stop blooming around April or May if you are lucky or have a green thumb. Well, June came along and I still had more blooms. The plants that had stopped blooming I had cut the stems off, which is the regular practice to create keikis to make more plants. July came around and I looked at the cuttings and a flower had bloomed. I picked it and wore it in my hair while I worked. People who grow these would ask me why I still had flowers and I would just shrug, “I don’t know.” One day I noticed some new buds on the cuttings and a few weeks later they too bloomed. I picked them and wore them in my hair while I worked. One of my customers whom I had given a plant to a year previously asked me how was it that I still had honohono at the end of July! I explained to her that they just grew on the cuttings. She said, “You get funny kind hands.” I just laughed to myself and thought, “Yep, you’re right.”

I have noticed that I have 2-3 times more keikis per cutting than normal and that the transplants are all doing well. I started to Reiki all my PLANTS even orchids that look dead. I put the dendrobiums in rocks and I noticed green roots. A few weeks later there were new sprouts with leaves. I guess they weren’t dead after all.

One day my neighbor gave me some keiki pikaki. I planted 3 of them directly in the ground. When she came by a week later, one of them looked dead, just a stick in the ground. She asked me if I had Reiki’ed them. No I had forgotten to. I did and then a few weeks later new shoots started to come out. Since then, I Reiki all my plants, especially those who seem troubled, I give them more. Amazingly, they are all still alive! I guess I do have “funny kind” hands.

Carlynn Yamauchi, Koloa, Hawaii


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