Home on Maui!

As wheels of my aircraft touched the runway at Kahului Airport I immediately felt energy of being softly caressed along with a traditional Aloha kiss on the cheek from the island of Maui. Although much love was experienced during my three week sojourn to visit family and teach Reiki Natural Healing on mainland U.S., this was a different vibrational greeting.

However, it didn’t stop there. Upon exiting the jet-way, Maui brought a much needed and unexpected Reiki hug from my student and airport employee Zena. Big Hawaiian Aloha smile welcome greetings warmed my heart on the way to baggage claim.

A young Wailuku born native joyfully assisted to get luggage to curbside where dear friend, owner of Maui Taxi, awaited to export me home to Maui Meadows while providing updates on prior three weeks of Maui Events.

After a very long relaxing bubble bath I experienced a delightful night’s sleep-with windows open for the first time in three weeks, except for three lovely nights in Nina’s Chicago home while teaching her private Second Degree Reiki class.

Next morning my eyes popped open with a smile on my face as my ears delighted in listening to songs provided by many varieties of birds. As difficult as it is to have family living thousands of miles away I simply can’t deny how my heart thrives when at home in the arms of this Hawaiian paradise.


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