I Have Loved Reiki for Years!

I am initiated into Reiki. My latest Journey has been an investment in giving my son many distant treatments for his difficult life journey. He has a “chemical imbalance” and this puts him in a vulnerable position… to other illness, to glitches in a mental health system regarding case managers, housing etc. etc.

He is one of those “great beings” who can get lost in the human world. Shalandra has given him many distant treatments along the way since December 2016. The combination of human, emotional, mental and spirit energy has made his life easier and more fulfilling. It’s “spirit in action”. He acknowledges Reiki, and now asks for treatments when he feels he needs them.

His after receiving Reiki comments:  I really felt that in my heart….. I feel more relaxed. I feel the meds can’t mess with me… His human journey has been made easier and he is more accepting of it… i.e. more spontaneous. I am witness to this and as a Mom I am relieved and my dividends are coming in. Doug feels “whole to me” even in the rougher times he now trusts this lifetime journey more! Mahalo, Ke Akua

Jana Herkes, Kauai, Hawaii


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