Living a Life of Reiki

Living a Life of Reiki

by Shalandra Abbey

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The perfect companion book to any Reiki practice, from beginner to practitioner, Living a Life of Reiki takes you on a personal journey that supports new students and enriches the lives of current practitioners.

Within these pages you will find a comprehensive study on Usui Shiki Ryoho (Usui System of Natural Healing) and a path towards greater health, love and harmony in your life. And if you are already a Reiki practitioner, you will find helpful reminders and new ways to utilize more fully the precious gift of healing in your hands. This book will not only provide more awareness of Reiki, but can easily become a reference book for making positive lasting changes in all areas of your life.

The book includes a large collection of Reiki success stories that demonstrates the power of Reiki and inspires anyone interested in the practice.

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What People are Saying

“My Mindset was Completely Transformed!
I read Shalandra’s book as I am in the midst of big change in my life, and “Living a Life of Reiki” was instrumental in setting the groundwork for positive mindset and in affirming I am on the right course in following a nontraditional path, yet a path my soul is leading me to. Within reading only the first few chapters, I found that my mindset was completely transformed and everything seemed possible!
I loved reading about how Shalandra followed the flow and energy of life, even though she didn’t know how many things would turn out. It’s amazing how things transpired for her when they did! I am also about to do Shalandra’s Reiki First Degree training, so I figured reading this book was good prep for the course. Thank you Shalandra for your amazing work and I am very excited for future treatments and to train with you soon!”

Jodi Robinson, East Hampton, Connecticut

“I have read the book “Living a Life of Reiki” multiple times and every time I read it I have an entirely different experience. I learn something new or something just resonates with me more. I have pages folded over and sentences highlighted for future reference. This book really is a special gift to all Reiki practitioners, I treasure it.”

Anne Corey, Reiki Practitioner, Portsmouth, Rhode Island

“Your book came at such a perfect time. I have been wanting to pursue my minimum of one year, mastership – but am $10K in the hole, yet feel the nudge so strongly to “prepare”. Part of what I’m experiencing is an opportunity to heal my own financial energy and attitude of “lack” and “unworthiness.” It has been intense, but your book has reassured and guided me. I have no words to express how deeply grateful I am to you. I loved every word I read. And have loaned it to a friend who keeps telling me I’m suppose to be her Reiki Master.”

Rhonda Mickelson, Reiki Practitioner – Clive, Iowa

“I feel like I was meant to find your book. I actually feel like the book found me. I have been very interested in Reiki but I didn’t know much about it. Thanks so, so much for writing your book, it has changed my life! I definitely want to receive First and Second degree training. I have a non-verbal autistic son and a higher functioning autistic son plus I have clinical depression and anxiety, I know Reiki energy will really help us immensely.”

Becky Lines – Gilbert, Arizona

“I received your book today! As soon as I came home from the mail box, I wanted to glance thru your book before reading it. I had plans to read it tonight. Well….. It didn’t work out that way! I couldn’t put the book down. Now 2 hours later I’m taking a break and sending you an email about how excited I am about it!”

Lana Spear, Reiki Practitioner – Denver, Colorado

“If Reiki has started to call for you, then this book is a must read. After reading the first chapter I knew this book was healing me just by reading it! Shalandra tells the story of her wonderful Reiki Journey and how Reiki has transformed her life and the lives of others around her. It also describes useful ways to use Reiki in all aspects of our lives and explains simply the Reiki Precepts and how we can practice them in everything we do. I was so inspired that I traveled from Wales to Hawaii to repeat my Reiki training with her and saw for myself how Shalandra really does live a true life of Reiki. Friends to whom I have recommended this book have also had similar reactions and it has really helped them on their Reiki journey. I often refer back to this book if I am feeling a little stuck and the gentle guidance along with the interesting and remarkable stories always help me get back on track. I would describe Living a Life of Reiki as a practical, easy to read guide book which is filled with love and bursting with Reiki energy. Mahalo Shalandra.”

Sally-Anne Rees, Reiki Practitioner and Animal Communicator
Wales, U.K

“Thank you for Reiki Shalandra. I have told several people about Living A Life of Reiki and about how I consider it “the bible” of Reiki information and a must-read.”

Amy J. Holland, M.D., Reiki Practitioner
In His Image Medical Day Spa Marietta, Georgia

“Best book about Reiki we have ever found. In this highly recommended, easy to read book, Shalandra has not only captured, but faithfully conveyed to paper the very essence of living Reiki. She is living proof of the wholeness and joy to be found in choosing to live Reiki.”

Gloria and Graham Richardson, Reiki Masters
Western Australia

“Shalandra Abbey beautifully de-mystifies the ancient healing art of Reiki in this heartfelt book. Living a Life of Reiki combines history, autobiography, testimonials, and instructions in a seamless weaving that sums up what a life of Reiki can mean to any individual. This is a must-read if you are curious about this timeless energy work.”

Dr. Fran Stewart, Author – Atlanta, Georgia

“I truly have enjoyed this book. It has given me the kick I needed to remember how important it is to use my Reiki to live a healthy life. I am filled with gratitude for you and all that you do for the health of so many.”

Carol Them, Second Degree Reiki Practitioner
Hendersonville, North Carolina

“I see Living a Life of Reiki as an important contribution to energy medicine information and literature.”

Marika Breckenridge, Writer/Editor Maui, Hawaii

“Shalandra Abbey takes us through her intimate journey with Reiki with beauty and grace. She leaves you feeling as if you are one of her best friends. Her work is full of heart, healing and real but heavenly moments. It is a book to keep for reference!”

Rev. Dr. Lyn Hammond-Gray, Vice President,
Universal Brotherhood University – Atlanta, Georgia

“Congratulations on such a wonderful book. I don’t think there is anything like it, as it is so personal and inspiring about what living a Reiki-dedicated life can be like. How very inspiring and so full of the wisdom you have to offer.”

Jan Dymond, Second Degree Reiki Practitioner
Corvallis, Oregon

“The book was wonderful – very informative and full of insights about Reiki. It would be quite a selling point to someone who is just getting interested in the program.”

Jim Miller, Second Degree Reiki Practitioner
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

“The Eat, Pray, Love of Reiki. Very inspirational and a wonderful way to either reconnect or be introduced to the Reiki Energy.”

Joanna Wheeler, Sales Executive – Kauai, Hawaii

“This is a beautiful introduction to how Reiki can be in one’s life. Shalandra truly lives a life of Reiki and is dedicated to sharing Reiki with others. In her book she shares what that means for her. This book is a key part of my personal library, and I heartily recommend it.”

Greg Goodson, Reiki Master – Red Bluff, California

“I loved Living a Life of Reiki. It is the first Reiki book I have read that is good for new comers and beginners to understand the “heart feel” of Reiki. It is straightforward while showing how Reiki can be worked with daily. This makes Reiki more real. It is also a wonderful book for those of us who have worked with Reiki for many years. The heartfelt love and appreciation you share is contagious!!! And there are times when we need to re-remember things—like the life changes that Reiki healing creates. I also loved learning how wonderfully Reiki is received in other states and countries. It is exciting to learn what our Reiki sisters and brothers are doing world wide.”

Rev. Robin Morini, Reiki Master, Administrator
Universal Brotherhood Movement Inc.

“I have read Living a Life of Reiki over and over and still get more from it each time I pick it up. I use something I have taken from this book each day to either put me back on track, or stay on track, or just reassure myself I’m on track. And now I am wanting to purchase copies for my students.”

Robyn Mckechnie, Reiki Master – Western Australia

Shalandra, while rereading your book slowly today from the beginning and uplifting prayer I saw my phone flashing. When checked I smiled when I noticed a message from an on-line group “The Truth’ is following you now”

Received By A Christian Reiki Student Looking For Answers

“I thoroughly enjoyed your book and your CD…..Wow….it is amazing. I love it! I also gave everyone their autographed books and they also loved them. The book was so easy to read and understand and I love the simplicity of it.”

Staci Byrd, Second Degree Practitioner – Hemphill, Texas

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Living a Life of Reiki