Perfect Partnership

Life is filled with many adventures and partnerships. Some will say they are victims of terrible life experiences. Others will tell you those experiences were valuable learning tools. Just as the saying goes “You can look at a glass as half empty or half full” so it is with life.

The good news is, as Reiki practitioners, our treasured choice in being is to administer without fail our daily self-treatments and regularly use our Reiki Precepts.

They in turn guide us to live a healthy, happy life, even when things we used to think were terrible smile down upon us. We learn to smile back knowing our energetic partner in life, “Reiki”, has not only our back but also our mental, emotional and spiritual parts of us as well.

Reiki allows us to live every precious moment NOW, not out there in the “someday” world and all we need to do is place our Reiki Hands on our Reiki body. This is truly the ultimate perfect partnership.


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