Psoriasis Cleared Up

This is a case history of a person name Peggy, who had really bad PSORIASIS on both of her ARMS and HANDS. She would scratch so much that it would bleed. Because she works with cleaning chemicals, this would burn the cracks in her hands and she would hardly be able to grab anything with her hands because it would hurt. She also had this on her LEGS.

I have been sending long distant treatments to Peggy daily for over a year now. Her arms were the first to start clearing. This took a long time because they were so bad. Today most of the arms are clear. The hands took longer, due to the continual usage of chemicals, which makes it hard for the healing to take place.

Most of the hands are clear today from the sores. She is now able to wear short sleeve shirts. The long sleeve shirts helped her to hide the sores but were very hot to wear all the time in Hawaii.

Diane Ellis, Puhi, Hawaii


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