Reiki and Teens

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Keiki Reiki (Reiki Training for Children)

How Reiki Can Help Teens

by Britney Ellis, 2009 (16 years old)

Reiki has helped me in so many ways. I believe that it can help the teens. It can help them by controlling what is going on now days. For example: drugs, grades, attitude, responsibility, health problems, & sports.

Reiki can help the kids who are into drugs because it’ll show their body’s that they don’t need that stuff and there are better things in life. It’ll make their body not want these kinds of thing. Kids want to try it because they think its cool, but it’s not and Reiki can help with that situation. Reiki will give you a better feeling than drugs.

If kids are into drugs, I believe it’ll make it harder for them in school how is it possible for them to concentrate on school? It’ll make them not care about school and they might not even get to finish school because they’re so hooked on drugs and school might not be as important as it use to be. I know for a fact Reiki can help kids in school, it’ll help them be more focused into school work and not other unimportant things that can wait.

If kids now days want to play sports how can they do that with low grades? Sports are such a big deal for kids now days. Reiki can help them focus, help build their body strength, and it’ll help with their school work that’s needed to play sports in the first place. It would give them the perseverance to want to keep going for the sport even if they didn’t want to.

Some kids also have really bad attitudes. I’m pretty sure if they were to take Reiki, their attitude would be so much better. Kids have bad attitudes because that’s how they were raised to act. Or some kids yell because in their house they have to speak above others. If they were to do Reiki, they would be able to be calmer and not as aggressive.

Reiki can also help with responsibility; doing Reiki helps you put your priorities straight. Reiki helps you know what is right from wrong and can lead you to a better path in life. Help you be independent and want to accomplish something. It’ll give you the energy to do whatever you want to do.

Reiki also helps a lot of people with health. It doesn’t only help yourself; it helps anyone you’d like to share it with. I have asthma and I played sports and I really needed help and it helped me with my breathing and being able to cope with my asthma. I’ve seen so many miracles with Reiki, it’s helped so many people with their health problems and they’ve gotten better within a short period of time. It was miraculous.

Taking Reiki was the right thing to do. Now that I’ve taken Reiki, everything goes into place now. And by following the Reiki Precepts, I get through my day with no problems. Reiki will bring nothing but good in your life.

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