Reiki Encourages Retirement

Shalandra, I had gotten away from my self-treatments and was having trouble falling asleep so decided to do them. Now I fall right to sleep. It is wonderful, plus I sleep better. What a gift!!!

It is amazing what comes into my mind. I have absolutely no trouble doing Reiki self-treatment now as I feel so good during and after….

And my goodness, the changes in my life are amazing. Things I should have done many years ago in my personal life I have done, and without anger and resentment. I simply have done them. I didn’t realize it was Reiki that was giving me the courage to move forward with my life, and supporting me in my decision to retire from my job until now. It is very hard to contain my excitement. WOW!!

I have to say I am enjoying my self-treatment immensely. It is so odd how I feel about Reiki now as compared to after my initiations. I am learning to shut my thinking mind off and allowing awareness. My goodness Shalandra, I don’t know what else to say, it’s hard to explain…….A SEA OF LOVE. I am so grateful.

Lori Lefaivre, Saskatchewan, Canada


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