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Introduction & Demonstration to Reiki Natural Healing with a Full-Time 25+ Year Reiki Master

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An opportunity for the community to experience Reiki and have questions answered by Reiki Master, Author Shalandra Abbey in an intimate setting. Shalandra will also talk about her book Living a Life of Reiki and her CD Self Treatment for Reiki Practitioners. Shalandra’s students are invited to participate in the demonstration.

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Book Signing Events



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Book Study Groups

Shalandra Abbey and other Reiki Practitioners facilitate (which means to make easy) group participation to support your footing on the path of Reiki with studies of her book Living a Life of Reiki, From Complete Healthcare to Ultimate Freedom in Day-to-Day Life. Join this exciting and educational opportunity. And find out about how to host your own if you’d like.

Report from Book Study Group Facilitator

By Reiki Master Patti Gould

LAHAINA, MAUI — Reiki Master Jenna Keck and I co-facilitated a Book Study Group for our Reiki Master’s book Living a Life of Reiki at Barnes & Noble Bookstore. We had a really great group with some Reiki practitioners and some who have never even heard of Reiki before. Each person in the group brought such wonderful energy and excitement as everyone took their turn reading. Every chapter continued to deepen our understanding of Reiki and how its incredible energy supports us on every level of our being.

It’s almost as if reading the book is another form of a Reiki class in that each participant perks up with such enthusiasm and excitement, as if discovering Reiki for the first time.

It was also interesting that, as Reiki would have it, each person was reading that portion of the book that seemed most relevant to them at that time. Example our only teenager had her turn to read and it was about Reiki for teens.

I am not too surprised as Shalandra’s book is designed in such a way as to be relevant to anyone, any time at just the right time. No wonder it is called “Living a Life of Reiki.”

I encourage everyone to start this book study group you and others will learn so much from this wonderful experience!

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No events scheduled at this time, please check back soon . . .

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Reiki Healing Share for Reiki Practitioners

A time for Shalandra’s students to receive Reiki from each other, have questions answered and share their Reiki success stories. $20 Reservations required.

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June 30, 2019, 1-3 pm • Kihei Maui, Hawaii

July 29, 2019, 6-9 pm • Kihei Maui, Hawaii

September 16, 2019, 6-9 pm • Kihei Maui, Hawaii

January 20, 2020, 6-9 pm • Kihei Maui, Hawaii

Reiki Video of Introduction and Demonstration