Reiki for your Keiki (Hawaiian Word for Children)

Back in 1988 my life changed for the better. I was working for the IBM Corporation and thought I was living the good life. Then I heard about Reiki Natural Healing and went for my first treatment. Anger within me surfaced, looking up, I asked: “Why don’t more people know about this? Why are we not teaching this in our grade schools?”

I just knew it was important to devote my life to sharing this gift with as many people as possible never dreaming that over the past 30 years of practicing Reiki would continue to get “mo bettah” as we say in Hawaii.


Each year children coming into to the world appear to be more aware and curious of energies around them. They usually connect to Reiki like a magnet. Great example was a four month old baby I had the honor to share Reiki with at a recent Baby Expo event at a Maui shopping mall.

I’ve never seen a baby love Reiki more. While receiving, he purred like a kitten and just couldn’t seem to get enough Reiki. Check his contented eyes and smile on his little face!

Children usually adore Reiki Natural Healing. They are naturally sensitive to energy and touch and know right away what feels good to them and what doesn’t. It is so special to see a child give themselves and others Reiki. When they or their family or pet are hurting and they can use their hands to make the pain go away, the smile that comes from that child is like no other.

One of the highlights of my life as a Reiki Master has been my experiences treating and training children of all ages. It’s amazing to witness the positive changes that start occurring in all aspects of their lives.”


“Both my parents do Reiki too. It’s just part of the family.”

“I was 7 when I did my First Degree and wanted to do Second Degree right away after that, but mom told me to wait 5 years. I told her I wanted to be a Reiki Master in 5 years.”

“Sometimes we get out the Reiki Table and exchange full-treatment and other times we take turns receiving group-Reiki. We use it on just about everything.”

“Reiki is great for kids! If you just keep going with Reiki, you can stay open your whole life. It’s Awesome! And it’s something that just keeps getting better every year.”

“I’ve never not had Reiki in my life. My family was doing it before I was born. I feel sorry for family’s that don’t have Reiki to take care of everything because Reiki is a special family thing.”


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