Reiki Handles Life’s Details Better than We Can

After living a life of Reiki for 30 years you would think the magic of its synchronistic occurrences would be commonplace; students hear me say frequently, “Trust and Surrender and allow Reiki to handle the details” and yet each day Reiki continues to bring the most enchanting surprises.


The Hawaiian Islands draws clients and students from around the world, some return each year and enjoy booking Reiki treatments and training before leaving for their return visit. This year a last minute message arrived but we just couldn’t seem to connect, so once again Reiki handled the details.

After grocery shopping on the other side of the island and filling my car with yummy food, the message came to cross the street and walk to one of my favorite little cafe’s for something to eat. This didn’t make a lot of sense because a minute before I was anxious to return home, shower and relax before partaking of goodies just purchased. Yet, I learned over the years not to ignore the voice of Reiki or I could miss out on something exceptional.

Sure enough, as I approached the cafe, not only did I walk into the hug of the beautiful student trying to reach me but also the hugs of her awesome husband and their two delightful daughters. They had just completed a meal and were walking to their car.

After standing on the sidewalk talking and hugging for a rather lengthy time they left for their car as I went into the cafe . . . but not before coming in and insisting on purchasing the meal I was about to order.

This Reiki story doesn’t end here. After arriving home and unpacking many groceries, I checked email for the day. You guessed it . . . first email opened was from Yana, the classmate who had taken her private first degree training with Chantel the student and client with whom I had finally connected. We had just talked about Yana in front of the cafe. Another magical Reiki circle complete!

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