Reiki Master Candidates

reiki-master-candidatesFebruary 25, 2013 I had the honor to accept two Reiki Master Candidates for a minimum of one year of Reiki Master training. Needless to say it has been a full year of many types of Reiki activities. Both candidates live on Maui and throughout the year have received clients and organized Reiki Intro/Demos/Circles and Classes on Maui as well as mainland U.S. locations where they wish to teach once they are initiated. They experienced organizing and setting up classes for their Reiki Master in private homes, in hotel facilities and most recently in their own home.

Each month Jenna and Patti have alternated writing a RMC Update Report for my monthly student newsletter. The writing not only seemed to excite them as they reported, it also seemed to expand their awareness of what had transpired while encouraging their colleagues to increase their Reiki practices.

Students will sometimes come to their First Degree Class not even knowing what Reiki is all about they just knew they needed to register for whatever reason. Others had heard about Reiki for years but never felt it was for them until one day they had an inner-knowing that it was time to allow Reiki to assist them to make changes in their lives and in the lives of others and they couldn’t register soon enough.

Three month minimum healing, integration and practice time is required before a student can move into Second Degree. Healing happens on all levels, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. After Second Degree initiations the process starts over again on a newer and deeper level. Students who desire to teach this healing art will go through one year minimum healing, integration and practice time before requesting an application to become a Reiki Master Candidate. Often prior to being accepted a bit more needs to be accomplished on various levels. This past year Patti and Jenna have witnessed the growth of many students as well as within each other and within themselves. They have brought many sacred pieces of the Gift of Reiki Puzzle together and now are enjoying the beautiful picture that it created.


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