Reiki Natural Healing in the 1980s

What a joy it was to have Reiki Natural Healing find me in 1988! When I later discovered what Reiki was about I got angry and went to my Reiki Master and asked, “If something this loving and powerful is so simple to learn and administer why don’t more people know about it? Why are we not teaching Reiki in our grade schools?” With that look and energy, only a true Reiki Master can have, she looked through me to my soul and simply said, “When the student is ready, Reiki will find you.” Well, my corporate type “A” personality, at the time, didn’t understand or believe that for a second.

Hawayo Takata

In those days, in the medical arena, Reiki Natural Healing was classified as a Holistic Modality. Some people didn’t seem to understand that the word holistic simply means universal, whole, complete and all-inclusive. Some thought it was a new-age way to look at healing and yet hands-on healing was around long before modern medicine. Later, as I grew with Reiki it grew too and was considered Alternative, then graduated to the name Complementary until today it carries the well-deserved title of Integrative Medicine.

In 1936, a little lady, 4’7” and weighing 97 pounds went to Japan for surgery. Instead of having surgery she was healed by Reiki. Her name was Hawayo Takata. After proving herself worthy, Reiki was entrusted to her and she brought it back to the little island of Kauai, Hawaii where it was practiced for the first time in the Western World. Later in 1974 she had it approved by the American Medical Association to be practiced in Hawaii hospitals. Until the early 70s she was the only Reiki Master teaching in the Western World. Before her transition in December of 1980 she had initiated 22 Reiki Masters. From 21 of these masters The Reiki Alliance organization was formed.

This was the energy I walked into in the 80s. Masters had experienced the same training. They understood how important it was to honor, respect and practice the simplicity of the oral tradition for it was the key to the practice. When a Reiki Master walked into a room heads turned to check-out the energy being felt from years of dedication. Master candidates were encouraged to leave their jobs and step into the awesome, never ending healing experience of the sacred profession of full-time Reiki Master. Those that didn’t knew they had missed out on the icing and sweet cherry on the cake of being a Reiki Master.


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