Reiki Natural Healing Is My Ministry

Sometimes our lives just seem to change without any awareness or conscious planning. We appear to simply be along for the ride. Often we will think; gosh this is so much better than anything I could have planned.

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In 1989, a year after Reiki Natural Healing found me, Universal Brotherhood Movement Inc., also became an important part of my life. Two entirely new ways to live one’s life were enticing me to explore more of their unknown territory.

Yesterday, I worked for the IBM Corporation; today I work with healing energy and have dedicated my life to the brotherhood of mankind, while rejoicing in the Oneness of all of Life. How did this happen?

Then the pieces of life’s puzzle starts to fit together. A copy of a Reiki certificate for a student of our third Reiki Lineage Bearer, Hawayo Takata was given to me. She had signed it Reverend. Upon further investigation it was clear that she was also an interfaith minister. In fact one of her students asked me to ordain her so she could finally fulfill her Reiki Master’s wish for her to become an ordained minister.

Reiki is a spiritual discipline and yet is not connected with any religion. You can’t do Reiki without feeling a spiritual connection. This makes interfaith ministry a natural partnership.

U.B.M. is a not-for-profit corporation composed of persons who have requested recognition of their independent ministries and have been officially ordained by U.B.M. Each minister conducts his or her ministry independently in the manner they deem fitting and proper in accordance with local statutes.

Reiki is my ministry because it is the best way I’ve found to help create a world filled with peace and harmony. U.B.M. gives us the privilege to apply to the state for a license to perform weddings and other creative ceremonies. For me these ceremonies provide a deeper connection with Reiki practitioners, who use the services for their wedding and later for baptizing their baby, vow renewals, funerals, home and business blessings and any other type of ceremony.

When requested, I use the Reiki distant healing method of connecting energetically with a couple to clarify what energy is best expressed for their wedding. It also works extreamly well for receiving a very personal ceremony for a celebration of life ceremony, a baptism to receive a child’s christened name and for clearing and blessing a home.

For more details about U.B.M., ordination, and ceremonies created by Reiki energy Click Here to Visit the Ceremonies Page.


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