Reiki Practice Cures Multiple Symptoms

I had a very serious back problem. Even contacted a neurosurgeon. My hobby was gardening and landscaping. Very painful!! Also vacuuming took me all day because of frequent stopping to put ice or heat on my back. Also, had shoulder and knee (torn cartridge) problems.

Took First Degree Reiki May 2013 and faithfully gave myself treatments. Amazing!! My back is wonderful! Now I can vacuum and mop the same day. Shoulders and knees are doing fine.

I use to have acid reflux – took medicine nightly. It’s gone. One amazing happening was that I wore glasses for distance and one day while driving everything was a blur – took off my glasses and WOW I could see clearly. No more glasses.

Took Second Degree Reiki Sept 2013. Learned new Reiki skills including how to send a distant Reiki treatment. Very helpful. Could go on and on about the benefits of Reiki for me.

Diane Keck, Coarsegold, California