Reiki Success Stories

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reiki touch is like a flower bud

I Have Loved Reiki for Years!

I am initiated into Reiki. My latest Journey has been an investment in giving my son many distant treatments for his difficult life journey. He has a “chemical imbalance” and this puts him in a vulnerable position… to other illness, to glitches in a mental health system regarding case managers, housing etc. etc.

He is one of those “great beings” who can get lost in the human world. Shalandra has given him many distant treatments along the way since December 2016. The combination of human, emotional, mental and spirit energy has made his life easier and more fulfilling. It’s “spirit in action”. He acknowledges Reiki, and now asks for treatments when he feels he needs them.

His after receiving Reiki comments:  I really felt that in my heart….. I feel more relaxed. I feel the meds can’t mess with me… His human journey has been made easier and he is more accepting of it… i.e. more spontaneous. I am witness to this and as a Mom I am relieved and my dividends are coming in. Doug feels “whole to me” even in the rougher times he now trusts this lifetime journey more! Mahalo, Ke Akua

Jana Herkes, Kauai, Hawaii

My Son’s Car Accident

I will always be so grateful for your love and understanding and making the time for my rush request for Distant Reiki Treatment for Kalei. I knew everything would be fine once he received your healing energy. He was in his hospital room waiting for us before we even realized his surgery was done. He called my cellphone and asked where I was. I was overcome with relief and joy. He was discharged well before the original 2-week schedule, being released 5 days early due to his quick healing. The doctor told Kalei he was recovering well. This was one day after his second surgery to reposition his scalp and attach the skin graft. I had also been giving him Reiki treatments as often as I could in the hospital. It helped with healing and moderate to severe pain, even while on pain meds.

Now at home I have been able to give him Reiki treatments more often. I am so thankful to be able to do this for him. Today was Kalei’s follow up appointment. The bandages were removed and the doc said, “It looks fantastic!” I could not have been happier at that moment. His head has an uneven shape, but who cares? I will continue to do daily Reiki treatments on him to assist emotional and mental healing too.

Another thing that was happening was the occurrence of short dreams during Reiki. He would go into a dream state so quickly that I was surprised and a bit worried. He says they’re all different and he can remember them. He normally doesn’t dream or cannot remember his dreams after awakening (prior to his accident that is). Probably emotional blocked energy releasing.

What you did for him and our family in our time of need was priceless and will never be forgotten. Love you!

Tonya-Anne Murray, Kahului, HI

Reiki in the Womb

By Kristine Kozuki
Reiki Hawaii Student

I’ve been doing Reiki Natural Healing for a few years now and have no doubt in its amazing power and healing. Since I’ve become pregnant, my little one has gotten a lot of Reiki in the womb since Eric and I are both trained in this beautiful Japanese healing technique. I can feel his strong movements when I give this energy to him daily and know that he enjoys it and takes it in beautifully. In my doctor’s appointment the other day, we did some routine heartbeat monitoring where they graph the baby’s heartbeat movements for about 15 minutes. The first 10 minutes I just laid there, did nothing, and rested and for the last 5 minutes, I decided to give him Reiki to see what would happen.

If you look at my graph, the first 10 minutes was without Reiki (green line) and the last 5 minutes (yellow line) was with Reiki. I thought this was so cool to scientifically see the affect Reiki has on my little Oak since there was an obvious jump in his heartbeat strength in the last 5 minutes that my Dr. could not explain. So amazing to see this life force energy work on paper!

For those who aren’t familiar with Reiki, Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, healing promotion, and all around mind, body, spirit, balance, and healing. It’s administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the “life force energy” that flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy” so Reiki is actually spiritually guided life force energy. Believe and have faith even in the things you cannot always see, the power and energy of God is definitely there.

Report from Gloria After a Series of 4 Reiki Treatments 4 Days in a Row

I feel peace within myself with a steady balance of energy throughout my body and found myself laughing so much throughout the day with co-workers more than I have done in a long time. I feel free and not as serious as before and did not pressure myself to work as before. I now allow myself to take time for breaks in between my work.

I feel energetic and really good about myself like on a natural high of positive life force. I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt like this it’s been years. I feel so much happier.

I just want to get rid of the old behavior patterns that no longer serve me and be that beautiful soul I was when I came into this world. I see the difference in my face I was at peace and had no “look of worry” I looked in the mirror and said to myself, “wow you look good, you’re glowing.”

Gloria Khalil, Maui, Hawaii

Reiki Encourages Retirement

Shalandra, I had gotten away from my self-treatments and was having trouble falling asleep so decided to do them. Now I fall right to sleep. It is wonderful, plus I sleep better. What a gift!!!

It is amazing what comes into my mind. I have absolutely no trouble doing Reiki self-treatment now as I feel so good during and after….

And my goodness, the changes in my life are amazing. Things I should have done many years ago in my personal life I have done, and without anger and resentment. I simply have done them. I didn’t realize it was Reiki that was giving me the courage to move forward with my life, and supporting me in my decision to retire from my job until now. It is very hard to contain my excitement. WOW!!

I have to say I am enjoying my self-treatment immensely. It is so odd how I feel about Reiki now as compared to after my initiations. I am learning to shut my thinking mind off and allowing awareness. My goodness Shalandra, I don’t know what else to say, it’s hard to explain…….A SEA OF LOVE. I am so grateful.

Lori Lefaivre, Saskatchewan, Canada

I love my Reiki Self Treatments

My broken toe and feet are healing really well. I’m getting sensation back and my balance is improving dramatically. I have noticed my body changing it’s getting healthy.

I have practiced Reiki on the plants in my boyfriends yard and have noticed them change and look very healthy and strong! The orange tree has produced 5 times the fruit this year and has more blooms. I was told that the tree has never had blooms this time of year.

Lisa Michele, Maui, Hawaii

Reiki Takes Care of Dental Surgery

After going to Reiki Master Sister Jenna for a hands-on Reiki treatment and sending Reiki to the surgery the day before then Reiking the dental instruments before we started my implant surgery went very well.

The periodontist remarked, “You must be living right, everything went in precisely”. I have a very small jaw area and it was extremely tight. I experienced very little pain afterward and have not taken any antibiotics or Motrin as prescribed because I feel no need for them.

I am continually doing Reiki on my left jaw and of course continuing my self-treatments morning and evening. Reiki is such a Blessing!!!

Patti Gould-Reiki Master, Maui, Hawaii

Loved My Very First Distant Reiki Treatment

Shalandra, I have to say, the treatment was incredibly surprising. I was tied up with an unexpected bath for baby Luke at the start (!) and found my left leg starting to ‘zing’ and my head felt more pressure during that time. My knees also felt hot throughout. By the time I got to sit on the couch and relax my entire left leg was zinging, then my right foot. My head pressure subsided and as I write this the pain/feeling I feel through the day where the tumor sits is not as intense.

I am elated and astonished at how well distant Reiki works. I am looking forward to our next sessions. Thank you!

Leanna Davies, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Reiki Helps with Old Injury

When I prayerfully did Reiki on my head at home for a headache I saw astounding results in 2 days. A sliver of glass came up out of my temple region, that M.R.I’s had missed from my car accident over 20 years ago!

Also when my best friend Melanie, that was trained by Shalandra, gave me a prayerful Reiki treatment I noticed her hands were very warm while over my eyes and ears. The next day, to my surprise and delight, I noticed that bright light (bulb or sun) no longer caused great discomfort! And my right ear was able to hear more clearly than it had for years!

I am so thankful for the healings and progress!

Patricia, Maui, Hawaii

Daily Reiki Self-Treatments Are Important

I had stopped doing self-treatments for about 5 days (longest period without any Reiki in 2-1/2 years) and I went surfing on Memorial Day. I got hit by someone else’s board really hard on the hip (really hard!) – My first instinct of course was to put my hand on my hip and I’ve been doing daily self-treatments ever since.

I think Reiki really helped because I never even had any bruising. I’m still sore but it could have been so much worst!

Amandine Maury, Maui, Hawaii