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reiki touch is like a flower bud

Reiki Practice Cures Multiple Symptoms

I had a very serious back problem. Even contacted a neurosurgeon. My hobby was gardening and landscaping. Very painful!! Also vacuuming took me all day because of frequent stopping to put ice or heat on my back. Also, had shoulder and knee (torn cartridge) problems.

Took First Degree Reiki May 2013 and faithfully gave myself treatments. Amazing!! My back is wonderful! Now I can vacuum and mop the same day. Shoulders and knees are doing fine.

I use to have acid reflux – took medicine nightly. It’s gone. One amazing happening was that I wore glasses for distance and one day while driving everything was a blur – took off my glasses and WOW I could see clearly. No more glasses.

Took Second Degree Reiki Sept 2013. Learned new Reiki skills including how to send a distant Reiki treatment. Very helpful. Could go on and on about the benefits of Reiki for me.

Diane Keck, Coarsegold, California

Flight Attendant Gives Reiki to Passenger

I am so thankful for my Reiki training. It was such a lovely and rewarding time. There have been a number of trying experiences over the past couple of weeks. Some were involved with my position as a flight attendant. There seemed to be more passengers needing a helping hand. An old man was very ill on my last flight, he needed oxygen and was VOMITING. I placed my hands on his shoulders for about ten minutes which sent him to sleep.

After arriving in Los Angeles my friend who moved from Australia was having a hard time trying to make it in America. I gave her a full Reiki treatment to candlelight and the beautiful Reiki music. She was so HAPPY, the next day she drove me all over L.A. and we parted both feeling much stronger and happier.

Nikki Brooks, Perth, Western Australia

Amazing Wellness Found

I am so happy, so excited and so thankful for Reiki. Here are some highlights of the first twelve-days of self-treatment. During and after class there was a soreness in the ABDOMINAL AREA, cramps and diarrhea. The internal organs felt as if they had been moved or rearranged.

Day four, a popping sound in right EAR was repeated 2 or 3 times, might I one day throw away my hearing aids? Day seven, Even though I was wearing my hearing aids I was having trouble HEARING. I turned on the TV and took out my hearing aids to check the batteries. They were okay, but the moment I removed the hearing aids I had to grab the remote to turndown the sound. I was so thrilled but couldn’t quite believe it. I no longer need my hearing aids!

Day five, at 4:00 a.m., I woke up with a HEADACHE and decided to do my self-treatment. Afterwards, I was feeling completely relaxed and was surprised to realize my headache was gone and I was not even aware of when it stopped.

Day five, my THROAT felt sore, the left tonsil was painful when swallowing. In working with the Reiki energy, I noticed a distinct difference between what I was feeling in my left and my right hand. Shalandra, I’m glad you made the statement several time in class to, “pay attention to what you are feeling in your hands.” I attributed the sore tonsil to sinus drainage which I attributed to a release by the Reiki energy.

Day six, my BACK was hurting from raking leaves. I rested on my lounge chair and placed my hands over the lower abdominal area, and in a few minutes the pain was gone and I felt so RESTED and ENERGIZED, I went back to raking leaves.

Day seven, I’m no longer having trouble SLEEPING. I’m averaging 8 hours sleep per night. In reading the Reiki book from class “Reiki Energy Medicine” it mentioned something I had not even connected with Reiki. I’ve gotten in the habit of sleeping in a pair of warm wooly socks because my feet were always cold at night. In the past few nights I’ve had to remove them a few times because my feet were so warm they were perspiring.

Reiki is amazing. My self treatments are not something I must do, but something I look forward to. They are great. I’m so grateful that you come to Hot Springs Village to teach Reiki Natural Healing and I’m looking forward to taking my Second Degree training in April upon your return.

Lora Gray, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Psoriasis Cleared Up

This is a case history of a person name Peggy, who had really bad PSORIASIS on both of her ARMS and HANDS. She would scratch so much that it would bleed. Because she works with cleaning chemicals, this would burn the cracks in her hands and she would hardly be able to grab anything with her hands because it would hurt. She also had this on her LEGS.

I have been sending long distant treatments to Peggy daily for over a year now. Her arms were the first to start clearing. This took a long time because they were so bad. Today most of the arms are clear. The hands took longer, due to the continual usage of chemicals, which makes it hard for the healing to take place.

Most of the hands are clear today from the sores. She is now able to wear short sleeve shirts. The long sleeve shirts helped her to hide the sores but were very hot to wear all the time in Hawaii.

Diane Ellis, Puhi, Hawaii

Arm Heals . . . No Cast Necessary

Dan’s daughter BROKE her ARM on Thursday. The doctor wanted to CAST it on Saturday. Between Thursday and Saturday, Dan and I did Reiki about 4 hours each day. On Saturday when it was supposed to be cast the X- RAY showed 2 weeks worth of healing and no cast was needed.

Sue Beck, Crestone, Colorado

Dancing with Reiki

For more than twenty years I have taught ballroom dancing on Kauai, and have enjoyed my health, energy and stamina for teaching, performing and choreographing. When faced with challenges I relied on my faith in Christian Science and benefited from natural healings. About two years ago I was scheduled for a six week course to teach a large, enthusiastic group of 40 adults how to dance the Swing.

It is a dance which has many arm movements, some overhead or around the neck for turns. Swing requires balance for its many turns, quick footwork coordinated with both partners’ quick arm movements, danced precisely to the beat. And there are also arm movements blending into choreographed poses. The day before this important event, I experienced much PAIN on my right ARM and could barely lift it at waist level. It continued to hurt through the day and I had to keep it immobilized next to my body. That evening I was teaching a smaller class and just focused on the music, but as soon as I moved the arm, the pain was overwhelming and I found my attention divided between the pain and the class. Shalandra was present and provided a short Reiki treatment which helped to allow me to teach.

I set an appointment with Shalandra for the next day. On my way to the dance class, I stopped to receive Reiki and even though I only had a half an hour treatment, the pain in my arm disappeared and has never returned. During the Reiki treatment I was also able to discover the metaphysical reason for the pain and that was an unexpected insight. I am very grateful for the divine energy that works through us to heal. Since completing the Reiki courses I have used this wonderful skill to assist in many situations for myself, my family and others.

Alena Tyler, Kauai, Hawaii

Asthma Healed

For five years I had been troubled by a tight congestion in my chest along with a great deal of coughing and ASTHMATIC wheezing. After three months of Reiki treatments I no longer have the problem.

Ed Reed, Kekaha, Hawaii


Another Case of Asthma Being Healed

I can never thank you enough for all your help with my asthma. That Reiki is phenomenal! I have improved at least 80% overall, some days I go down a little and some days I am as high as 100%, not too many 100’s yet. I was so bad that I could hardly walk 50 feet. I just couldn’t breathe. I was sure that I was going to die and was trying to put my affairs in order-but that’s hard to do when you don’t have the energy to think or make decisions. After almost two years of this you get pretty down in the dumps.

Anyway-Thank you more than I can tell you.

Katie, Grand Junction, CO

Helps with Flu & Fever

My son caught a FLU bug and at one o’clock one morning started VOMITING and had DIARRHEA. He quickly developed a FEVER of 102. I had just received my First Degree Reiki training and remembered Shalandra, my Reiki Master, saying it worked well on fevers. I gave him some Tylenol and immediately started a Reiki treatment. After about 5 minutes on his head, the fever broke. He stopped crying and quickly fell asleep. I was surprised because normally it took about a half hour before the Tylenol would work.

The Reiki calmed my son down, RELAXED him and put him to SLEEP. Later, when he woke up again the fever came back. I gave him Reiki (no Tylenol) and within 5 minutes the fever left. As I monitored him the rest of the day, I would give him Reiki whenever the fever started to come back and it quickly broke. I felt tremendous relief that I was able to help my son feel more comfortable while he struggled with the flu. He was able to sleep better and I didn’t feel so helpless when his sad eyes reflected his misery. I gave him treatments throughout the day and this really eased his DISCOMFORT.

One day I came home from work and my son had CUT the bottom of his FOOT on his binder. The ring had punctured his footpad when he stepped on it and a jagged wound resulted from the hooked ring. There was a flap of skin and an open wound about an inch long. My daughter had cleaned and dressed the cut with Band-Aid and Bacitracin. I applied Reiki and the foot became very hot (according to my son). I told him to let me know when the heat stopped.

After about 15 minutes it stopped. Upon inspection, the next day, the cut looked better and there was no redness. I Reiki’ed his foot before going to work and after I came home he got another dose. The next morning, the wound was almost HEALED. I gave Reiki morning and night for about 15 minutes each time with a lot of heat resulting. The next day it was closed, I cut off the flap of skin and that was that. No, infection, minimal PAIN, no doctor bill.

I think if he had gone to the doctor, it would have required a few stitches. It started with a THROAT irritation and progressed to a sore throat with a COUGH. During the night a sticky PHLEGM would accumulate in the back of my throat and during the day my throat would be very dry. After a few days I noticed a tightness in my CHEST, the first signs of ASTHMA. I applied Reiki to my chest and after about 15 minutes, the tightness went away. Each time I felt the tightness return to my LUNGS, I applied Reiki to my chest and the lungs would open up after about 5 minutes. A couple of times, I used an inhaler spray and then applied Reiki. After a week, all symptoms, sore throat, cough, phlegm and asthma disappeared. In the past, I had to go to the doctor to get a prescription for MEDICATION, usually Theodur pills, inhaler spray, and nebulizer medicine. At first I was apprehensive, wondering if the Reiki would be enough to control my asthma. I learned to trust Reiki as needed for RELIEF and I now feel a sense of freedom because I no longer have to relay on carrying an inhaler or knowing where one is located in my house.

I love orchids, especially honohono. This year was very unusual and I think Reiki may have influenced this. My honohono started blooming in January and continued through July. Those of us who grow honohoo know that this is not normal. Usually they stop blooming around April or May if you are lucky or have a green thumb. Well, June came along and I still had more blooms. The plants that had stopped blooming I had cut the stems off, which is the regular practice to create keikis to make more plants. July came around and I looked at the cuttings and a flower had bloomed. I picked it and wore it in my hair while I worked. People who grow these would ask me why I still had flowers and I would just shrug, “I don’t know.” One day I noticed some new buds on the cuttings and a few weeks later they too bloomed. I picked them and wore them in my hair while I worked. One of my customers whom I had given a plant to a year previously asked me how was it that I still had honohono at the end of July! I explained to her that they just grew on the cuttings. She said, “You get funny kind hands.” I just laughed to myself and thought, “Yep, you’re right.”

I have noticed that I have 2-3 times more keikis per cutting than normal and that the transplants are all doing well. I started to Reiki all my PLANTS even orchids that look dead. I put the dendrobiums in rocks and I noticed green roots. A few weeks later there were new sprouts with leaves. I guess they weren’t dead after all.

One day my neighbor gave me some keiki pikaki. I planted 3 of them directly in the ground. When she came by a week later, one of them looked dead, just a stick in the ground. She asked me if I had Reiki’ed them. No I had forgotten to. I did and then a few weeks later new shoots started to come out. Since then, I Reiki all my plants, especially those who seem troubled, I give them more. Amazingly, they are all still alive! I guess I do have “funny kind” hands.

Carlynn Yamauchi, Koloa, Hawaii

Allergies Healed and All Aspects of Life Lightened

Nine months ago I took my First Degree Reiki training, three months later I completed the Second Degree class.

Physical Changes:
My ASTHMA and ALLERGIES are improving. I was taking inhalers and pills daily for asthma, a life long ailment for me. I’m now taking the inhalers occasionally and have had periods of time where I had no BREATHING troubles.

My ALLERGIES are markedly decreased. I’m taking less allergy MEDICINE. I have always been allergic to cats. I would not be able to even go to someone’s house if they had cats. I have moved into my sister’s house, she has many cats. Although they live outside, they are always around when I go outside. I am able to pet and play with them now without any allergy symptoms. I had never “felt” a cat purr before Reiki and now I am able to do that. I very much enjoy their company and companionship. Another allergy symptom that has disappeared is my ECZEMA. I would have to put cortisone cream on the inside of my ELBOWS, my FACE, my NECK. Now that has all cleared up. I notice that I HEAL QUICKLY. Before First Degree Reiki, I would take a week or 10 days to heal a cut. Now they heal in 2 or 3 days. I’m eating healthier FOODS, less fat, less meat, more fruits and vegetables. I’m EXERCISING more. My BLOOD PRESSURE was elevated because of STRESS in my life. Now it is normal. I haven’t had the usual winter COLDS and FLU. In fact I haven’t been sick all winter.

Emotional and Spiritual Changes:
A little over one year ago, my beloved husband died. He was in an accident and died suddenly and totally unexpectedly. This was quite a traumatic event in my life. Needless to say I had many, countless EMOTIONAL issues to deal with. About nine months later I encountered Reiki. This is the area I have seen the most progress. The Reiki has helped me to see things more CLEARLY and accept life’s twists and turns. Many times having the Reiki energy has guided me through the GRIEVING and DEPRESSION processes that I have learned I must go through. I believe that I am able to move quickly and completely through the difficult steps because I have the Reiki helping me. It is truly a “God force,” a loving energy, a guiding light..

Since the Reiki, I have had many GROWTH opportunities. The cats have shown me that I still have a caring heart and that I can feel JOY and CONTENTMENT. The way was opened for me to get started in my beading work, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Just having the Reiki presence in our home has brightened, guided my children in their lives as they deal with the many teenage issues they have.

Currently, I am experiencing more CLARITY and connectedness with the world. I seem to understand nature things and people relationships at a different level than before. I seem to be more connected with the spiritual world, although I can see that I have lots to learn. I’ve made it through “my dark night of soul” and am starting to rebuild my life. I’m becoming more aware and able to contribute to life. Thank you Reiki !!!

Lei Lani Towner, Kapaa, Hawaii