Reiki Success Stories

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reiki touch is like a flower bud

Allergies Healed and All Aspects of Life Lightened

Nine months ago I took my First Degree Reiki training, three months later I completed the Second Degree class.

Physical Changes:
My ASTHMA and ALLERGIES are improving. I was taking inhalers and pills daily for asthma, a life long ailment for me. I’m now taking the inhalers occasionally and have had periods of time where I had no BREATHING troubles.

My ALLERGIES are markedly decreased. I’m taking less allergy MEDICINE. I have always been allergic to cats. I would not be able to even go to someone’s house if they had cats. I have moved into my sister’s house, she has many cats. Although they live outside, they are always around when I go outside. I am able to pet and play with them now without any allergy symptoms. I had never “felt” a cat purr before Reiki and now I am able to do that. I very much enjoy their company and companionship. Another allergy symptom that has disappeared is my ECZEMA. I would have to put cortisone cream on the inside of my ELBOWS, my FACE, my NECK. Now that has all cleared up. I notice that I HEAL QUICKLY. Before First Degree Reiki, I would take a week or 10 days to heal a cut. Now they heal in 2 or 3 days. I’m eating healthier FOODS, less fat, less meat, more fruits and vegetables. I’m EXERCISING more. My BLOOD PRESSURE was elevated because of STRESS in my life. Now it is normal. I haven’t had the usual winter COLDS and FLU. In fact I haven’t been sick all winter.

Emotional and Spiritual Changes:
A little over one year ago, my beloved husband died. He was in an accident and died suddenly and totally unexpectedly. This was quite a traumatic event in my life. Needless to say I had many, countless EMOTIONAL issues to deal with. About nine months later I encountered Reiki. This is the area I have seen the most progress. The Reiki has helped me to see things more CLEARLY and accept life’s twists and turns. Many times having the Reiki energy has guided me through the GRIEVING and DEPRESSION processes that I have learned I must go through. I believe that I am able to move quickly and completely through the difficult steps because I have the Reiki helping me. It is truly a “God force,” a loving energy, a guiding light..

Since the Reiki, I have had many GROWTH opportunities. The cats have shown me that I still have a caring heart and that I can feel JOY and CONTENTMENT. The way was opened for me to get started in my beading work, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Just having the Reiki presence in our home has brightened, guided my children in their lives as they deal with the many teenage issues they have.

Currently, I am experiencing more CLARITY and connectedness with the world. I seem to understand nature things and people relationships at a different level than before. I seem to be more connected with the spiritual world, although I can see that I have lots to learn. I’ve made it through “my dark night of soul” and am starting to rebuild my life. I’m becoming more aware and able to contribute to life. Thank you Reiki !!!

Lei Lani Towner, Kapaa, Hawaii

Self-Treatments Work Wonders

After receiving my First Degree in April, I immediately could feel a change in my physical and mental being. Self Reiki treatments, done both morning and night, enriched me with more energy and self perseverance. I was able to complete a full day at work, standing 8 hours without PAIN, in my FEET or BACK. Relieved by this, I noticed that I FOCUSED more clearly on sales and accomplished by monthly objectives.

One day in the kitchen I accidentally CUT my FINGER with a knife. Immediately after I washed the blood away, I held my finger with my other hand for about 5 minutes. When I took my hand away, the cut was completely healed ~I couldn’t even feel which finger it was because the pain was gone also.

Luana Yamato, Eleele, Hawaii

Freed of Pain_Dedicates His Life to Reiki

I was found by Reiki when I was searching for a way to relieve the PAIN caused by an auto accident 25 years ago. Reiki was supposed to help me through the surgery. That was in 1992. Reiki did more than that. It stopped the BACK PAIN immediately during the First Degree initiation. I canceled the surgery and I am now a Reiki Master and have dedicated my life to Reiki.

Carroll D. Piper, Reiki Master

Thumb Healed

After smashing my THUMB in a trailer hitch, Reiki energy stopped the BLEEDING and prevented BRUISING. For the next, approximately four days, I applied Reiki to my thumb and did not lose my fingernail. There was NO PAIN even when squeezing the thumb. I forgot the injury was there.

Leonard, Koloa, Hawaii

Muscle Relaxation, Increased Energy and Mental Clarity

I was first introduced to Reiki two years ago by close friends. My husband was fighting LOU GEHRIG’S DISEASE and we were exploring a variety of healing modalities in particular because there is no cure or treatment for the illness and it is degenerative and terminal in nature. Our friends gave my husband Reiki treatments and he experienced overall relaxation from his muscle contractions and an increase in ENERGY as a result.

As a full-time caregiver for my husband the last three years, I experienced considerable fatigue and learned the importance of taking care of oneself. I explored Reiki healing treatments and completed First Degree training and I have recognized many therapeutic benefits from self-treatments and treatments received by other Reiki Practitioners. In particular, I have experienced LESS ACHES and PAINS from a BACK INJURY which has been troublesome over the last few years. Also, I have an increase in ENERGY with more MENTAL CLARITY, BETTER CONCENTRATION and LESS PHYSICAL STRESS

Sheila Christianson, Kapaa, Hawaii

Reiki Helps Sports Injuries and More

After my Reiki training I assisted two soccer players (9 years of age) on my granddaughter’s team.

Girl #1 received a ball smack in her face on a kick return; the young girl could not open her eyes, her FACE started to have big WELTS on it. Upon applying Reiki directly to her face she relaxed, stopped crying, and rested against my chest. After approximately 3 minutes, I removed my hands and was surprised because there were absolutely no signs of being hit in her FACE, except you could tell she had cried. When this girl’s mom wanted to show her aunt the injury, there was nothing to see, so she received no sympathy from the aunt.

Girl #2 ran into opposite team players, fell hard on her right side. She came limping out holding onto her shoulder and complained of PAIN in her SHOULDER, ELBOW and LEG. Upon checking that no bones were broken, I immediately applied Reiki to the shoulder and elbow; later I did Reiki to her leg. She stopped crying, her scrapped elbow was no longer scrapped, but looked nice and clean. She returned to the game.

My granddaughter injured both her FEET when she cut them on coral. She was BLEEDING and could not walk to shore. I got in, waded to her and carried her out onto the sand. Upon checking her wound, I saw that the coral had given her several gashes under each foot. I carried her to higher ground, placed her on the bed of a pickup truck and immediately applied Reiki to both feet. She cried as Reiki energy flowed, saying her feet were hot and painful. After holding onto her feet for approximately 10 minutes, the bleeding completely stopped. I dressed her wounds, and was surprised that she returned to swim and did not complain for the next 2 days.

I BURNED my left HAND between my THUMB, index finger and inside my hand. I took hold on the wrong side of a hot foil pan I had on the stove while frying chicken. I applied Reiki immediately (I don’t know which pain was worse – the Reiki energy or the burn itself). I did Reiki myself for a good 30 minutes. Slowly, as I removed my Reiki hand, I noticed the pain was not that severe. I did Reiki on and off the whole night. When I awoke the next morning, my husband and I were shocked to see that there was no water blister. Reiki energy prevented the burn from BLISTERING.

Because I am so dedicated to doing Reiki to my family and myself whenever ANYTHING happens, I have so many experiences, Reiki energy, it is just incredible. I used Reiki when I had dental implant SURGERY and there was no BLEEDING, no PAIN, and the healing process was immediate. Oh, there is just too much to say. Reiki has just done wonders for me. I suffered with heel SPURS on my right heel for years. I saw numerous doctors. I purchased various types of insoles for my shoes. Soon after being initiated to Reiki, I applied Reiki energy to my heel spur – I no longer limp, and my spurs are gone.

I suffered with tenderness in my SHOULDER for over 8 months. Shortly after receiving my first initiation, my shoulder does not bother me anymore.

I was on HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATION for over 7 years. I no longer need to take the high blood pressure pills. Reiki energy does wonders.

When I feel a sore THROAT, I apply Reiki energy for a couple of minutes-the sore throat is gone. I know the Reiki energy in my body helps me to be healthy.

I was a Tylenol person-not less than 4 pills a day because of a HEADACHE. I know the Reiki energy has helped my headache because I no long know what Tylenol is.

Reiki has made me a better person. I am mindfully stronger. I make decisions at my place of employment where I would never before because I was not CONFIDENT. Today, I am a very confident woman. In my opinion, Reiki energy helps in every way possible. I know, as I have said, I am one who experienced Reiki energy with numerous injuries and ailments.

Lillian, Koloa, Hawaii

Reiki Lowers Blood Pressure

A few years ago I experienced a HEART attack. After my Reiki training and administration of self-treatments, my MEDICATION is no longer needed for my heart condition. Reiki has also lowered my BLOOD PRESSURE and helps me to RELAX.

Earl Cline, Kapaa, Hawaii

Successful Surgery and Relaxing More

I arrived in Seattle Tuesday night and gave mom her first full body Reiki treatment the following day. She was defensive but allowed me to do this. I continued to give her full body Reiki treatments every other day. Her second treatment came on Friday and she lightened up which made it easier for me. Sunday, before her third treatment, she brought up EMOTIONAL issues that had been bothering her since childhood. I was so glad to hear these things surfacing, knowing that the healing process was in effect.

I proceeded with Reiki and she seemed more relaxed, probably because she knew what to expect. It appeared she was experiencing and taking notice of the benefits of Reiki. Monday, about five hours before her EYE SURGERY. I gave her a short treatment. I kept a record of the things I felt in my hands during the sessions. There was definite healing progress in the body.

She has the beginning stages of EMPHYSEMA so her breathing is a problem. I have been totally amazed every time my hands have been on her lungs, as her BREATHING changes and stabilizes, RELAXING the body totally. At this time I feel she believes in the Reiki. Thank God for Reiki! Wait! That’s not all.

Her surgery went so well and she started out so scared. She never felt a stitch of PAIN and the symptoms that the doctors said she would probably have afterwards never arrived. During surgery when she realized that she was starting to STRESS, she made a conscious effort to relax. She learned the difference during Reiki treatments. I am so amazed! Every treatment besides the first one, her body went into total RELAXATION. I believe it helped her in SURGERY tremendously. The day after her surgery, I gave her a short treatment on her eye. I did not feel the intense energy there I had felt before which tells me her body had adjusted well after the surgery. And, a day or so later mom asked me if I would give her more Reiki. Can you believe it? Now I’m talking to her about getting initiated into First Degree Reiki.

Amber Hall, Kauai, Hawaii and Anchorage, Alaska

Reiki Heals Athlete

As an avid athlete in all sports (racquetball and running weekly), I have my share of MUSCLE STRAIN and FATIGUE. Being a Reiki practitioner helps reduce the PAIN of muscle stress and cuts the RECOVERY TIME of these workouts in half. I was recently INJURED playing racquetball when my husband fired a forehand into the back of my leg. Fast Reiki treatment relieved the PAIN and SWELLING that night, and the BRUISING was gone in a week.

Candace Agustin, Puhi, Hawaii

Burns Heal Miraculously

I was camping in Kalalau Valley on the Napali coast with some friends when I severely burned myself. In the dark of the night I reached down to move my friend’s lantern, and was unaware that it did not have a handle, or a protective top on it. I ended up sizzleling four of my fingers. One person commented that they could actually hear it.

We were out of ice at the time, so I had nothing to cool it down with. I began applying Reiki immediately. I was in agony for a while, but after a half hour or so the pain began to lessen, and the burns began to blister.

We had kayaked to the valley and were leaving in a few days, I was afraid that my hand would be too damaged and that it would be too painful to paddle home. To my relief by the time I went to bed that night the pain was gone. When I woke up the next morning, my hand was completely healed with just small scabs to show for it. Reiki got me home safe & sound!

Aimee Felber, Kauai, Hawaii