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A Reiki Training on Kauai with Reiki Master, Shalandra AbbeyReiki Master, Shalandra Abbey shares the gift of Reiki with students worldwide. Reiki Training classes are scheduled throughout the year in Hawaii, on the Mainland U.S. and Internationally. Visit the First Degree Training Schedule or Second Degree Training Schedule to view the upcoming Reiki classes and enjoy the convenience of registering online.

Reiki Hawaii offers training in the three degrees of the Usui System of Natural Healing. The benefits of Reiki hands-on healing are appreciated by adults and children from all walks of life.

Reiki is for students of ALL ages.

Reiki is for students of all ages.
There is a 77 year age difference in these Reiki classmates.

Celebrating over 15 years of providing NCBTMB Approved Reiki Classes
continuing education certificateShalandra Abbey is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.
Contact Hours: 12

Student Stories

“I had rotator cuff surgery after an MRI showed that I had a completely severed supraspinatus tendon, which is the one that goes from the arm across the top of the shoulder. It allows you to raise your arm directly over your head, among other things.

The surgery, scheduled at the end of September, was difficult but we were all hopeful, and I was diligent about doing my physical therapy as prescribed. I knew it would be a long process, but as time went on I was beginning to get frustrated that I didn’t seem to be improving. So by December when I really wasn’t making any progress in my strength and range of motion but I was continually in pain from constant inflammation in the shoulder and arm from my intense therapy, the doctor ordered another MRI to see what was going on inside my shoulder. The MRI revealed that due to the weak tissue in my shoulder, the tendon had not held and was not attached at all. The doctor showed my test results to every other orthopedic doctor in their group to get each doctor’s opinion as to whether or not a second surgery should even be attempted. The overwhelming response was no. My only option at that point, from their perspective, was to continue physical therapy in an effort to strengthen every other muscle in my shoulder area, which includes the back and arm, to try and teach those muscles to in effect do the job that the severed tendon had done.

So I worked hard on the therapy. And I continued to have a lot of inflammation that not only was painful but restricted my progress. It seemed like a no-win situation.

Then in January I had my first Reiki treatment. It was incredible! All the pain from the inflammation was gone! This was wonderful! And then on my next visit to physical therapy they overworked my shoulder and all the pain was back again. So I started to rethink my treatment and options. I changed physical therapists. And by March, after my 3rd Reiki treatment I decided to study Reiki and completed my First Degree training with Shalandra so that I could continue to practice self-treatments to further my shoulder healing and rehabilitation. In less than a year I attained full use and full range of motion in my shoulder. And, miraculously, the general consensus from all trainers and massage therapists that I’ve worked with is that my supraspinatus tendon is attached and functioning properly!”

Barbara Massalas – Denver, Colorado

“I’ve been doing my Reiki self-treatments every day, and feel great. My days at work go so much better these days, and I am so much calmer. My daughter is (also) getting more interested in Reiki. She is realizing how well it makes her day better. What a gift.”

Ann Williams – Maui Hawaii

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