Keiki Reiki (Reiki Training for Children)

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“This was the best day of my whole life!
I love this class!”

11 year old Nissa

Children love to do Reiki. It is a very natural thing for them. When we train children, we first of all want to know for sure, it is something they want to do, and not something someone else wants for them. We interview the child before accepting them into the class and make sure they have an adult sponsor, a person who can assist and support their Reiki life. They are requested to earn at least half of the class fee and agree to do self-treatments and share Reiki treatments with others.

Adults learn from children in class

2015 First Degree Class

A dad came to pick up his son from class and brought the Reiki Alliance Student Book he received when attending class 30 years earlier. His son has now received his own student book, which still contains the same teachings, unchanged from the original.

I personally introduce children to the pictures of the lineage bearers and make note of their reactions. Unlike many masters, the age of the child is not important to me. What is important is their connection to the concept of Reiki, its sacredness and their sincerity about learning. I don’t believe it is fair to the child to change the class structure and attempt to come down to their level. My experience has proven they do well in classes with adults, even though I offer Keiki Reiki classes, and for some children that is what works best for them.

Results are often less medication or with the doctor’s guidance they are sometimes able to eliminate it. Normally school becomes more fun and grades start to improve. Interests that no longer serve them drop away, and new healthier pastimes start to come easily to them.

Keiki Reiki Training for children

Keiki Are Powerful Reiki Healers Too

It has truly been a blessing to witness how children’s lives can change for the better after Reiki training. As they do their self-treatments and keep their bodies full of the healing life force energy they appear to come into balance and their young personalities just seem to blossom.



“I just might change my career from a Pro Surfer to a Reiki Healer! It would be great to travel the world and teach people how to do Reiki.”
10 year old Reiki Student

Maui Baby

The New Generation and Reiki

Each year children coming into to the world appear to be more aware and curious of energies around them. They usually connect to Reiki like a magnet. Great example was a four month old baby I had the honor to share Reiki with at a Baby Expo event at a Maui shopping mall.

I’ve never seen a baby love Reiki more. While receiving, he purred like a kitten and just couldn’t seem to get enough Reiki. Check his contented eyes and smile on his little face!

Seven-Year-Old’s Life Transformed with Reiki

“After Reiki Natural Healing helped me in my life I talked to my 7 year old granddaughter about it. She was interested in taking the training. At that time she was having a hard time with her grades and getting along in school. She couldn’t stay focused in class and would daydream and not pay attention. Lots of times she would not complete her homework or other work assignments. The counselor recommended special classes and maybe putting her under the program for children with attention deficiencies. I just knew she could work through this and didn’t need the Ritalin medication. She did not have a learning problem as tests showed. In fact she did superior in the tests. Maybe Reiki could help her.

Reiki and ChildrenBritney Ellis
First Degree at
7 Years Old

Shalandra had a long talk with my granddaughter and recommend she earn at least half of her class fee, which was $150; quite a test for a seven year old. We worked it out where each day if she was good in school she would receive a green card from the teacher. Each week I would pay her for getting green cards. For two months she received green cards almost daily and earned the money for her class. It was exciting when she finally took her training in May 2000.

Reiki helped Britney to settle down in school and not be so restless in class. It helped her improve her grades and not get sick so often. She had been getting sick a lot with bad coughs and congestion. In fact she became my teacher advising me about my driving, teaching me not to drink alcohol and coffee or smoke cigarettes. She became totally against swearing. In this day and age many people find this amazing.


11 Years Old

Tuesday night practitioners on Kauai get together to share Reiki with each other. Britney attended these for four years even though she may have been tired or even sick at times. It was always cute to see such a small person giving or receiving the energy like everyone else.

Reiki has helped her to participate in many different sports and given me the energy to keep up with my granddaughter getting her to all these activities. She makes friends easily and other kids look to her as a friend and player. At one point in time she was playing Soccer, Volleyball and Hula. If she had a bruise, sore arms, hands or legs, it was always the Reiki helping to heal her body. Reiki is a natural part of her life and in everything she does. She continues with her hula classes and her connection to nature and animals is great to see.

After a couple of active Reiki years it was just a natural phase for her discussions to begin about taking the second degree class. Again, she would have to earn the money and start preparing herself for the training. Shalandra worked with her on what was needed before she could be accepted for training; self treatments each day without fail, working more with the Reiki Precepts, and to give and receive more one hour treatments. This took a little more effort to do her self treatments morning and night. This time I and other practitioners helped by paying her for one hour treatments and household chores. These ranged from washing dishes, washing my truck, folding clothes, putting out the rubbish and cleaning the house. I would also give her one hour treatments. So she really worked hard to earn the $500 dollars for her class. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm that she had to earn this money for her class. Boy, did she learn the value of the dollar. At 11 years old she was ready and completed her second degree training.

Reiki for Drug Abuse
16 Years Old

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Each day I see more ways how Reiki helps Britney. She has an asthma condition that no longer requires taking medication every day. She hardly ever gets sick now with Bronchial coughs or Pneumonia eliminating going to the emergency rooms at night. She is active in sports such as Soccer, Volleyball, Hula and Track. She loves to swim and would like to be a cheerleader. Last year the first quarter she was on the Honor Roll list and the other three quarters she was honorable mention; a very big change from low grades. She has more confidence and self esteem. Many have commended on her beauty and how well she speaks around adults. She asks a lot of questions and has a quest to know. She continues her hula and great love of animals. The only thing that stops her from all these activities is her grandmother’s ability to keep up with her. She is a lot more focused and now a role model for other kids. At the A+ program she reads books to the younger kids and has great empathy for kids with physical problems. When I get hurt she is there with the Reiki. At eleven years old she has so much to look forward to and do. The question to Britney was “what would you like to do when you are older?” I asked if one day she might like to be a Reiki Master. Look into her eyes and there lies the answer.”

Diane Ellis
Reiki Master
Kalaheo, Hawaii

Reiki Sisters

First degree class Maui
Sisters, 10 year old Abby and 8 year old Kate came to Maui from Texas for First Degree Reiki training. Abby told us she knew she wanted to learn Reiki a long time ago because, “I just knew my mom’s and grandmother’s and Aunt Debbie’s hands were hot and Reiki made me feel good.” After class she said, “My hands are really hot now, like a fire ball!” What an honor it has been over the years to initiate three generations of this family into Reiki Natural Healing.

Both girls earned $150 each for their $300 First Degree Reiki class. After class, while still holding their FD certificates, both girls immediately wanted to know how much money they would need to earn for their Second Degree class fee. When I told them Second Degree fee is $600 they both agreed they better get started right away earning the money.

Abby and Kate have now decided to start offering mini Reiki treatments, while the person is setting in a chair, as well as full-hour table treatments to earn their Second Degree class fee. So cute!

Three generations, grandmother, mother, aunt, and Abby and Kate. A family Reiki circle with Abby and Kate.