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For those who wish to teach Reiki – Usui Shiki Ryoho that has been handed down through a lineage for over 100 years and practiced in the Western World since 1936.

Note: One year minimum practice time required after Second Degree training before completing an application to become a Reiki Master Candidate. After acceptance a minimum of 1 year private training begins. Following Reiki Master initiation the new master begins teaching First and Second Degree classes and is considered a “master in training” for 3 years before accepting a Reiki Master Candidate for training. There is a lifetime commitment between masters and a continual deeper level of commitment to Usui Shiki Ryoho. $10,000 for this one full year of training with one half fee given at time of acceptance ceremony and one half at time of initiation ceremony.

Shalandra’s book, Living a Life of Reiki, provides a deeper understanding of life as a Reiki Master and is recommended reading prior to completing an application to become a Usui Shiki Ryoho, Usui System of Natural Healing, Reiki Master Candidate.

As we progress in Reiki we learn to understand the energy of money. Most students find it harder to pay the First Degree class fee then to pay their Reiki Master fee. By the time they are ready to teach Reiki they understand how to work with the natural flow of life that includes the flow of the energy of money. Money is one of the nine elements of our Complete Reiki Formula that ensures the continuation of this particular practice.

Money – A part of the path and a part of the form. Giving money is a sacred act, and is a means for the student to find their practice. This element bridges the material and non-material in a way that offers healing for humanity through the power and energy of money. Each step of the Usui System path has a monetary fee to challenge the practitioner to widen the scope of understanding regarding the energy of money and the energetic transmission that occurs when money is exchanged. Fees set are in U.S. currency or equivalent. Monetary exchange for treatment is the expression of this element of the form for the practitioner.

We don’t turn a client or student away because they don’t have money for treatment or training. We will assist them in acquiring it. Same as the old adage about giving someone in need fish to satisfy an immediate hunger need or teaching them how to fish to feed them for a lifetime.

“Today and the past few days I keep getting the message that you stated at the beginning of RMC training…”Fasten your cosmic seat belt!” I’ll say! Wow Wow Wee!

Also today I was told that I have been approved for the re-fi! This will save me around $1,000.00 per month! And not only that I will not have to make the mortgage payment this month, or next month…next payment due May 1st. Fabulous! This saves me around $6,300.00! Its enough to put away for the final payment at the end of RMC. I was wondering where this might come from…no worry of course…but here it is already!

Thank You Reiki!”

Patti Gould
Reiki Master Candidate

For further insights read “A Year in the Life of a Reiki Master Candidate.”

To apply for Master Training, click here to contact Shalandra