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“Hi Shalandra, thank you!! Your distant treatment was incredible and removed emotional blockages that I had been holding onto during a particularly challenging situation that occurred 2 years ago in Maui.

I certainly wasn’t aware of the impact this past experience had permeated my life until your treatment. It was immensely overwhelming emotionally, following the release I experienced no pain at all in either hip. Today was a little challenging regarding physical sensations, however I feel fantastic. Thank you, it was definitely a WOW!!”

Rev. Jennifer Stiastny

Connecting the healing energy of Reiki across the miles…

Distant Reiki Treatments are becoming more and more popular in today’s busy world. What a gift to relax in your own home and receive a healing treatment. Distant Reiki techniques are taught in Second Degree Reiki training. You do not have to be present to receive the benefits of a Reiki treatment. You can be anywhere, doing anything and still be given the treatment. Many people enjoy receiving Reiki as they settle down for the nights sleep.

Air travel, or any other kind of travel, can be tiring and stressful. Receiving distant treatments while traveling can not only make the trip more enjoyable, they can enhance time spent at your destination.

Shalandra, I have to say, the treatment was incredibly surprising. I was tied up with an unexpected bath for baby Luke at the start (!) and found my left leg starting to ‘zing’ and my head felt more pressure during that time. My knees also felt hot throughout. By the time I got to sit on the couch and relax my entire left leg was zinging, then my right foot. My head pressure subsided and as I write this the pain/feeling I feel thru the day where the tumor sits is not as intense. I am elated and astonished at how well distant Reiki works. I am looking forward to our next sessions. Thank You!

Leanna Davies Dobson – Alberta, Canada

Reiki Energy Healing and Support

Reiki practitioners enjoy receiving distant treatments in addition to their own self-treatments. Practitioners support each other and their families in times of crisis by several practitioners sending healing energy at the same time.

Reiki is not just for people, treatments are sent to animals, situations, group meetings, etc. Distant treatments have assisted people to have more confidence while speaking in front of large groups of people or in a special meeting. They can be used to help clear unconstructive energy from a home, office, car, etc. Supportive energy can be sent before, during, and after surgery for people and animals.

Shalandra, Thank you very much for my distant Reiki treatment and also providing me with such detailed feedback. When you gave me the treatment, I was sick with a cold. I had been dealing with it for about a week. It was frustrating, because self-treatments just were not doing the trick.

When I woke up Wednesday morning, after the treatment, I felt 50% better. I finally had energy again! I worked all day with a vigor I had not felt in days.Thank you very very very much!

Heather Anne Trahan – Bowling Green, Ohio

Purchase Distant Reiki Treatments as a gift for yourself or someone else…

To receive distant Reiki treatments, first purchase them online, then list the full name and approximate age of the person, animal, place, situation or thing that you would like to receive Reiki and Send to Shalandra via the Contact Page Here.

You can be anywhere and doing anything while receiving a distant Reiki session. It is not necessary, but for personal enjoyment, you may want to lie down at the beach or someplace in nature or at home and relax for your treatment. Shalandra’s distant treatments are very popular, whenever possible make appointments at least one month in advance to avoid a wait period, and to allow time to receive your confirmation along with your schedule of treatment dates and times. After your session you will receive a recap of the treatment and its healing benefits.

“At the beginning of my very first distant treatment last night I was feeling a little stressed and scattered. I hadn’t been in my hotel long and I was famished. At any rate I relaxed as best as I could. During the treatment it was difficult to keep my mind quiet. However a few times I felt very relaxed, I also felt pretty emotional on two or three occasions. At about the half way point I felt some warmth in my lower back also in my knees. It may have been before that when I felt some warmth in my ears. Toward the end of the treatment I felt warmth in my lower back, buttocks and knees.

Last night I took a couple of night time Advil but no narcotics. I’ve gotten through this day walking for miles with no anti inflammatory’s at all. This is the first day in about a month that this has been possible.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s treatment and I am making plans to return to Maui for April training.”

Kim Petersen – Arlington, Washington

“I am amazed that what you report so closely coincides with what I experienced! I felt noticeable, comfortable pressure on my forehead from the beginning of the treatment. It lasted a long time. I started feeling very relaxed. An awesomely real feeling of joy came over me. I felt lots of tingling/energy moving/blood flowing along my spine and mostly inside my left shoulder (lasted a long time.) Twice and briefly my knees had the same tickling feeling I experienced during the last 2 treatments. I felt energy in the hip area, along the shins and feet.

I was left feeling awed and thinking: Wow, this is for real! I was also left with lots of gratitude for you, Shalandra. Thank You!”

Amandine Maury – Maui, Hawaii

“This distant treatment session, my second in a series of six, was so major, wow, was I moving out a lot of stuff. Amazing how I so clearly knew when you were sending, pretty cool. All I can say is that was so major, last night I felt I moved through hundreds of life times of stuff. Time to move on!! Thank you, this has been so helpful. I really am speechless and have to keep bowing to this process that seems so mysterious in a way.”

Rebecca Henry, Reiki Master

“My first distant treatment experience was wonderful. I went to the beach for my treatment. I lied down at exactly 1pm and felt the connection right away. Initially, I felt a lot of blocked energy releasing from the mind. There was a 5-10 minute period of pure bliss in the entire body which followed by a strong discharge from my right arm, especially in the area where it was broken.

About half way through I began to feel a lot of healing energy moving in my spine, especially in the mid-back area. Then I slowly began to doze off. I do remember feeling Reiki moving into my lower legs, especially my left. I came to at exactly 1:57 in a state of comatose. Overall, I am extremely happy with my experience. I didn’t know how the distant treatment was going to be and I am glad to report back that it was a success! Mahalo!”

Happy girl on the Maui North side,
Yana Chikiris – Maui, Hawaii

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