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Kauai Humane Society Reiki for Animals Classes

Animals Love Reiki Too!

Often people are surprised and pleased by the difference in an animals overall health and emotional well being following Reiki treatments. Most animals love Reiki after their initial introduction to it. Some need to move slower to understand the healing energy they are experiencing. Distant Reiki sessions can be very beneficial to introduce an animal to Reiki Natural Healing. It normally doesn’t take long before animals want Reiki with no hesitation.

Reiki treatments for DogsI love our two Jack Russel dogs Tillie and Sadie; they are loyal and go with me everywhere. Tillie found her way into the street and was hit by a car. She was very weak and could hardly walk. It was clear that her spine was out of alignment and her back right leg was hurt badly. After several visits to the vet and much medication we were told that she would need to live with her spine out of alignment and probably limp for the rest of her life.

I am a Second Degree Reiki practitioner and was assisting her with Reiki during this time. After this diagnosis I called my Reiki Master Shalandra Abbey and ordered a series of four distant Reiki treatments. After her first treatment Tillie was much improved. Her appetite was better and she was drinking more water. The most noticeable deficit was in her walking, though all four limbs seemed to work, they were not in unison and she would fall over…I was concerned about her spine as it seemed to curve like an ‘S’ with the rear pulled to the right side. It was absolutely improved after the first treatment.

Following the second treatment she actually was wagging her tail. Something I hadn’t seen in awhile probably due to the stiffness of her back.

The third treatment her spine looked completely straight and the little hump in her back was totally gone. She was so much improved. Tillie was actually able to go up and down the backstairs of the lanai, which was amazing to see because before she had to be carried. She wobbled a bit going up and down but was definitely improving. She could get on the couch by herself and walk around. It was an unbelievable transformation to see. Her eye seemed to be clearing up a lot more – the big gash above her eye had receded. Also there was injury on the side of her face and it seemed like a lot of the swelling had gone down. I was thrilled to tears.

The fourth treatment Tillie cuddled up to me and put her head on my heart. I continued to do hands on Reiki all over her body and witness her ongoing healing. During this time her sister Sadie would look worried and put her head on my shoulder.

Tillie, our Jack Russel was on her way to better health and healing. I think its remarkable how she is doing. I told Shalandra that I love this little dog and to please feel free to send her as many Reiki treatments as she needs to get her well. She needed a series of four.

What followed this innocent is still hard to believe. The following week Sadie went into the road and was hit by a car. Again after Shalandra’s first distant treatment Sadie seemed much better. She slept through the night for the first time since the accident. She had not had a bowel movement until right after the second treatment. Sadie also had an energetic release shortly after her second session where her whole body started to shake and then subsided. There appeared to be major healing taking place. What was noticed most after the third session was a little more shaking resulting in her holding her head up higher when she walked. After the fourth session Sadie appeared to be like a new dog just a little weak from the ordeal. This was a horribly close call for our beloved beings I am sure they could not have made it without Shalandra’s Reiki support. I guess we have Reiki dogs now!

Faye Newfield
Lihue, Hawaii

“I am an animal lover so my pets are like children to me. One night I walked into our kitchen and saw a chewed up package of “Mouse KILL,” on the floor with my heart pounding I picked it up. My dog Bella is a very mischievous fox terrier especially with our new six-month-old puppy, Tilly, her sidekick around. It was immediately known this was very bad. We checked the dog’s teeth and sure enough they had eaten almost two whole boxes. One dose (about ¼ of a box) being deadly. We spent about four hours trying to help them – we had called poison control and the outlook for this type of poisoning was very bleak. At midnight we brought them both to the emergency vet. Tilly was almost unconscious. The vet was afraid they would not make it through the night. They stayed at the hospital that night, and by the next morning they had not improved much, both were on IV’s.

We had heard about Reiki from friends of ours so we called Shalandra praying she could help our dogs. After the first session (a distant Reiki treatment) while they were still at the vets we saw significant improvement. Tilly began to eat on her own and their bodies expelled more of the poison. On the third day they were allowed to come home. They were still not out of the woods. Bella was completely non responsive and would not eat or drink. That day it was time for the next scheduled Reiki treatment. As I left the house Bella would not get up or respond when I said her name. I came home shortly after she had gotten her treatment and she jumped up and greeted me and even ate on her own. Tilly had an amazing recovery even though it took a couple more Reiki treatments to get back her strength. We took them back for a check up. We had told the vet we had Reiki Natural Healing done. She had never treated and had an animal live from this type of poison. We also had the animal poison control people call us back to document our dogs because they had not had animals live through this type of poisoning. Reiki saved our dogs lives. They made a full recovery and every day my family and I are thankful to have them here with us.

Since this time four members of our family have taken Reiki training from Shalandra and use it faithfully on ourselves and others.”

The Pensinger Family
Lihue, Hawaii

animal reiki treatment

Ipo, a twelve year old poi dog, lovingly referred to as a “gift from the hurricane”, was discovered during the hurricane, hiding under a kayak at Anini Beach. Dotty, an animal lover took her in and nursed her back to health. Ipo soon became queen of Anini Beach. With her very loving, exuberant, and soulful self, most everyone who met her was touched by her beautiful spirit.


We have known Ipo for ten years, and have enjoyed her wonderful friendship every year since we have visited from the mainland. She has been a playmate on many long walks. For the last few years, she has slowed down due to age and arthritis especially in her left hip. The morning after our walks, she would often suffer from stiffness and pain. Even though she would have loved to play every day, I would allow her a couple days of healing before I took her out again.

Ipo after several months of Reiki

This year, since I have practiced Reiki, Ipo has been able to enjoy all the play time that she desires. After long walks, I simply administer five to ten minutes of Reiki on her hip, and gratefully, the next day she was fine…ready to play again. In these precious years as Ipo is growing older, I am filled with gratitude that she is able to enjoy the life she loves, and that Reiki and I am able to be a part of it.

Reiki practitioner from California

Bird receiving Reiki“This is my Severe Macaw receiving a Reiki treatment. As soon as he feels the energy from my hand, his feathers ruffle and he drifts into his own private La-La land.

A real talker, he made me so proud when about a year after I brought him home, he asked me “Want Reiki?”

Lisa Shaw

Calf receiving Reiki“In north Missouri the calving season of March and April can be very cold and wet. When a heifer has her first calf sometimes she doesn’t know where the best place to give birth will be. She chooses a ditch out of the wind, but in the mud and water in the ditch make it an awful place to come into the world. Baby calves get chilled very quickly. We have had several calves born this year and we have brought them to the barn where I have been able to give them Reiki. One in particular was making a bubbly sound when it breathed. After the Reiki treatment the breathing was better and the little calf is now doing very well.”

Lisa Stobbe – First Degree Reiki
Eagleville, Missouri

Calf receiving Reiki

“Meet an African Goose named Goose Girl!!! Her human said she was much more relaxed after her Reiki treatment and then the goose wanted me to hold her! I Love Reiki and all the surprises it brings us!”

Lana Spear
Denver, Colorado

Plants love Reiki Too!