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Do potential customers go right past your business as if it wasn’t even there? Or do you have a dramatic energy pull that brings customers in who are not even sure why they are there?

Businesses today can not only survive, but can thrive, by simply clearing energy of the land, past tenants, blocked energy in the store and individuals working there.

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reiki for business

Below are some examples of business situations where Reiki energy was used.

Energy Clearing

I am in the mortgage business. Recently I had clients, a hard working couple, who were buying their first home. The mortgage they were approved for was under a special program available for a limited time. If you can picture this, loan is approved, buyers are excited and we are waiting for the closing documents to arrive via email.

Then I got the phone call. The loan had been audited by the quality control department and was being turned down, the condo development was not acceptable. The buyers would not be able to move into the home and loan was unequivocally rejected and there was no other loan program that the buyers could qualify for with the amount of money they had to put down.

I thought the case was hopeless. I sent out a very distressed email to Shalandra and ordered distant Reiki treatments. First she cleared the energy in my building and then the offices where the decision was made. A few days passed and nothing much happened. Then my boss all of a sudden decided to make it her “cause” to get this decision overturned.

It is almost comical looking back on it, over the next week more “mainland” managers in mortgage financing got involved to the point where they were falling over each other making suggestions. Meanwhile my buyers are about to get evicted from their rental (where they had given notice after our loan approval). It was a real cliffhanger at this point!

Shalandra had cautioned me that it may take a few days and the outcome would be for the highest good of all but I was worried about my clients. Finally people high up in my company (a huge corporation) had several conversations with the lender (to whom they sell the loans after they close) in Washington DC. Then the news arrived. Not only were my buyers being approved, but going forward, anyone wishing to buy a home or condo that was offered by the lender under this program would not have to worry about the property being turned down. The situation was discussed and resolved on a national level with the largest purchaser of residential loans in the country. In my 28 years in the mortgage business I have never seen them look at the merits of an individual loan in this manner. It was huge!

Loan closed, mission accomplished, and my clients are ecstatic. Plus the favorable resolution of this issue will benefit many future buyers.

Reiki energy healed what I thought was a lost cause. Thanks Shalandra for another great energy clearing.

Business Saved

In doing stock work, in my shoe store business on the Big Island, I injured both WRISTS and needed to wear wrist braces on both wrists. I was not able to lift with either HAND. This was a cumulative INJURY over eight years. After receiving Reiki Natural Healing I no longer needed the wrist braces. My business and I were saved.

Sales Boost

I have been in sales for a long time now. I am a sales executive for a highly competitive company. Feeling I needed energy, physical, and mental, I ordered Reiki treatments from Shalandra.

The result has been an extremely successful year. I went from middle of the road to number one closer. I had three months when my income was way over $30,000 per month.

After that I was not selling as much. I ordered Reiki treatments again and I sold a TRIPLE Down. Three people bought from me in one day!

I am very grateful for the Reiki energy. It is marvelous. and it is a great way to remember that sales is about energy, about exchanging and giving them your best, and the benefit of a great product that is going to bring love, joy and fun into their lives.