Reiki for Home, Church and Situations

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reiki for your home

For areas in your life or home that are not flowing smoothly or are difficult, Reiki can be used to help bring resolution. Email Shalandra at for an appointment to discuss any situations that are in need of being healthier and happier.

House Blessings and Energy Clearing Ceremony

A week before our House Blessing Ceremony Shalandra did a distant Reiki Natural Healing Clearing session and sent a treatment report. I noticed right away the difference in energy. It was amazing! Everything seems to be flowing with peace and harmony.

Thank you for our house blessing Shalandra. It was so loving and perfect for the whole family including our cat Miesty. Every day something new and wonderful happens in the house. We are all in a much better place with the new energy.

Jay and Vicki Jayswal, Maui, Hawaii

Energy Cleared in New Home!

We purchased a house which we remodeled with the intention of making it our new home. We were supposed to move in but I would feel uneasy and stressed about staying at our new place. There was a stressful energy and my husband and I would tend to bicker quiet frequently at this location.

I called Shalandra so she could “heal” our home, and she did. She sent me the treatment report. That night, we slept at our old place better than ever, and when we woke up, we had this sense of closure, we were ready to move. I felt this energy, joy and enthusiasm to go to our new home. What a change! The energy felt peaceful, welcoming, loving, and nurturing.

Shalandra, thank you so much. My husband and I are having the time of our lives now. Much love, aloha and MAHALO!

Joanna Wheeler, Kauai, Hawaii

Reiki and Christianity

LOVE the way REIKI fits so well with my Christianity. I attend an Ecumenical church. Our mission statement states that we are CHRIST centered and theologically open, where Faith and Life meet. We are an inclusive church and have people with Jewish, Buddhist, Catholic backgrounds, as well as, other denominations attending our church. We are taught that God and Jesus are loving and accepting and are filled with grace and forgiveness.

I have had conversations with both of our Senior Ministers. They both have Doctoral Degrees in Christian theology and both support my journey of REIKI and have openly embraced REIKI. They feel that REIKI is very similar to prayer. It is available for any one for the asking. They often reference scripture. My favorite is (1 Corinthians 12:8-10, and 12:28-30)

We have held REIKI classes at the church and Reiki Master Shalandra Abbey has initiated almost 50 students into Reiki Natural Healing. Shalandra herself holds a Masters of Divinity Degree. My biggest idea that the church has also supported was to hold a REIKI Clinic at our church about 6 times a year. We have held 8 over the last two years and have people on a waiting/cancellation list each time. To see the faces of the attendees after their 20 minute mini-treatment ends any doubting in my mine. If I can help people take away their pain and/or suffering if only briefly, then I know that God and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ approves of this healing energy named REIKI.

REIKI has changed my life in so many wonderful ways and enhanced my spiritual journey and strengthened my faith. I am blessed to have REIKI in my life.

Marilyn Bierbach, Littleton, Colorado

Smoother Work Place

Things were not going well at work, not just for me but also for several other fellow employees. Comments going around were that people no longer liked to come to work. There were a lot of anger outbursts and just all round fearful and anxious feelings throughout the day. I called Reiki Master Shalandra Abbey to see if Reiki might be able to help us.

We scheduled a series of 4 distant treatments. A treatment report was sent after each session. She used a distant Reiki connection to clear all aspects of our current situation. Each day the energy at work seemed lighter and more harmonious.

On the day of the last session I had an important meeting with the directors and needed to make a presentation. Reiki was sent to the meeting situation and to my concentration and organizational skills. She also cleared the energy of the meeting room area. I couldn’t believe I was in the same building and that it was me who effortlessly made the best presentation of my life.

JT Alexander, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii