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Plants love Reiki too!

Plants Love Reiki too!

Plants respond well to soothing music so you can imagine how they react to Reiki’s healing energy. They are naturally sensitive to energy and to touch and know right away what feels good to them and what doesn’t.

By giving Reiki to seeds before planting them, normally they will start to grow sooner, be stronger plants, and develop faster. Reiki practitioners pour water over their energy radiating hand as plants are watered, providing more energy to assist the growth process.

reiki plantReiki Natural Healing may be placed over the top of a plant affecting the leaves and blossoms, or may be administered by holding the container, which will send supporting life force energy to the roots.

For longer lasting cut flowers, Reiki practitioners soak the stems in water, snip the stems while still in water, then hold the stalks a few minutes. The flowers will draw in the energy, which will cause the water to rise towards the petals, resulting in the blooms lasting longer.

Reiki Flower Stems

“I love orchids, especially honohono. This year was very unusual and I think Reiki may have influenced this. My honohono started blooming in January and continued through July. Those of us who grow honohoo know that this is not normal. Usually they stop blooming around April or May if you are lucky or have a green thumb. Well, June came along and I still had more blooms. The plants that had stopped blooming I had cut the stems off, which is the regular practice to create keikis to make more plants. July came around and I looked at the cuttings and a flower had bloomed. I picked it and wore it in my hair while I worked. People who grow these would ask me why I still had flowers and I would just shrug, and say Reiki Natural Healing. One day I noticed some new buds on the cuttings and a few weeks later they too bloomed. I picked them and wore them in my hair while I worked. One of my customers whom I had given a plant to a year previously asked me how is it that I still had honohono at the end of July! I explained to her that they just grew on the cuttings. She said, “You get funny kind hands.” I just laughed to myself and thought, Yep, you’re right.

I have noticed that I have 2-3 times more keikis per cutting than normal and that the transplants are all doing well. I started to Reiki all my plants even orchids that look dead. I put the dendrobiums in rocks and I noticed green roots. A few weeks later there were new sprouts with leaves. I guess they weren’t dead after all.

One day my neighbor gave me some keiki pikaki. I planted 3 of them directly in the ground. When she came by a week later, one of them looked dead, just a stick in the ground. She asked me if I had Reiki’ed them. No I had forgotten to. I did and then a few weeks later new shoots started to come out. Since then, I Reiki all my plants, especially those who seem troubled, I give them more. Amazingly, they are all still alive! I guess I do have some wonderful funny kind of hands.”


Reiki on Tomato Plants
“I decided after finishing my Reiki class to treat a couple of tomatoes to see what would happen….I chose two that were in the middle of the bush. I took them in hand while on the vine and applied Reiki for a few days about 5 minutes each time. Within a week , those two tomatoes were the only ones that ripened or got any bigger. I took them off of the vine and took the picture to show the other little green tomatoes and the two nice red ones that had been treated. They are all from the same vine. Truly Amazing!”


Stefanie Hart, Reiki Master
At 27 years old Stefanie Hart was the youngest Reiki Master Shalandra had the privilege of training and initiating. During her year and a half as a master candidate she was a full time student and received her Master’s degree in Environmental Leadership at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Cleverly there were times when she could work on both master projects together. An example was her master thesis entitled “The Effect of Applying Reiki Healing Energy to Plant Life.”

Stefanie prepared three groups of green beans for her testing in this study, with ten planters in each group. Soils, planters, water, seeds and plants were all group specific based on the research methods – Control, Hands-on Reiki Treatment, and Distant Reiki Treatment. Reiki Groups received treatment daily for between 10-20 minutes for the whole group.

Plants love Reiki
The Reiki groups showed increased growth rates for germination, height, leaves, flowers, bean pods and vitality. At one point, the germination of the Reiki groups was twice that of the Control group. During the middle of the experiment, the group receiving distant treatment was an average of 5 inches taller than the Control. This preliminary study had amazing results.

Nothing shows the differences between the three groups more clearly than photos.. The Control group is on the far left, Hands-on in the middle, and Distant treatment group on the right.

This photo was taken on day #50 at the completion of the experiment and shows the full development of the plants.