Reiki’s Purity is Essential

Trust and Surrender are the first and last things Reiki teaches us.

As we grow with Reiki Natural Healing and feel that expansion happening within, often the mind kicks in and thinks it knows a better way. As a result, we get off track from our precious guidance coming from the source of all things.

In training class, our Reiki Master shared great wisdom received from years of Reiki experience. As practitioners, a time may come when we think we know a better way. But after a few scars and bruises, we return to the words and examples of our Reiki Master.

To stay on track, self-treatments are the steering wheel of a Reiki life, giving and receiving treatments from others are the road map. Reiki Precepts are similar to, but much more than, road sign reminders along the way. Receiving treatments from our Reiki Master on a regular basis is the premium petrol to keep us going to our final destination.

Reiki practitioners quickly learn to stay out of Reiki’s way. When we start to receive clients we keep it pure. As our lineage bearer Hawayo Takata is known to say, “Don’t try to tell Reiki how to do its business”.  Clients are there for Reiki. It is important to discuss nothing but Reiki in our treatments and trainings. When we can’t do that, we are not respecting Reiki or ourselves as practitioners of a complete and sacred healing art.

If a client and/or student ask about another healing modality simply respond Reiki will take care of that too. Respect Reiki enough to know that Reiki space is for Reiki. We all have other knowledge we bring with us. Don’t dilute the professionalism of Reiki or rob a client’s Reiki time. Trust Reiki, keep it pure, keep your Reiki uncontaminated and reap the enormous benefits for you and for those you serve. If another modality is needed, allow Reiki the opportunity to organically provide that guidance.

Don’t Change Reiki. Let Reiki Change You! It is the Reiki Way!


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