Relationship Between Reiki Master and Student

Anyone who has spent time with a true Reiki Master can tell you it isn’t always a pleasant experience. Uncomfortableness can surface from so many strange places.

Reiki Master and Student

The Usui System of Natural Healing is a complete Healing Art…a way of living that develops on all levels of the human psyche through the intention of healing; allowing the wholeness of a person to emerge through the daily practice of the discipline. The laying on of hands to bring forth the energy of Reiki is the mainstay of the discipline like the practice of meditation is in the Art of Zen.

The Teaching Master Tests and Guides The Student Into New Places of Doubt and Uncertainty. The form is not changed to relieve pressure or to be improved upon, the student accepts the relationship to the discipline and uses this relationship for further self-awareness.

As personal healing after healing is checked off the list, feelings of discomfort within are recognized as a great opportunity for freedom from past habits that no longer serve your new energy.

With each Hands-on and Distant Treatment you receive from your Reiki Master each Class and Reiki Circle, every Community Event you grow and heal on new levels. You begin to recognize the discomfort as a good thing, an opportunity to grow from the disharmonies of the ego, inviting you to choose liberation.


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