Sharing More of My Reiki Story – by Barbara Belyea

Reiki Student

I was so looking forward to my Second Degree Reiki training. Then I thought I missed the sign-up and started getting pretty disappointed, then I scrolled down on your website and Voila!….. there’s the registration for the class.

There were lots of energetic preparations taking place before I could register such as a strange Reiki thing that happened a couple weeks ago. I had totaled my car. I was driving home from banquet work and hit a small rock slide near my home. Long story short, 2 days later I ended up with an almost new Ford Ranger truck. I really feel something much greater than me was in control of all this. I know I needed a truck but I was waiting until I thought I would be in a better place financially. I think the universe had a different idea. It’s just kind of amazing how something not so good could turn out really good, really quickly. I think my daily Reiki practice played a huge role in all this. It certainly kept me in the right frame of mind.

During all that was happening I was looking forward to Second Degree Reiki. Then I started thinking, well maybe I should wait so I’m more ready and better prepared. Then this swoosh came over me the time for me is now!

So the part I didn’t tell you about my car experience. I got home fine and checked for leaks under the car…nothing.

I get up the next day and checked…no leaks. So I think everything is okay enough to drive. I got as far as King Kekaulike High School and my car just totally shut down. I was able to roll off to the side of the road. I go to call a friend for help and I realize I forgot my phone. So I started walking back up Haleakala for home. I wasn’t afraid or worried or anything you’d think a person would be in that circumstance. I just started repeating the Reiki Precepts with each step I took.

It was like this repeating mantra that was clearing my energy. Just as I was beginning to realize I probably needed to get home faster than I could walk, a guy in a car with his kite surf gear stopped and gave me a ride…and it was cool to hear his experiences in the ocean. I got home and found my phone. I called my friend, Rene, who came to the rescue. (I ended up giving Rene a Reiki Treatment as a mahalo). And then the next friend to appear was Peter with 808 Towing who got my vehicle to where it needed to be for the next part of the process to unfold.

Realize now that my car was totally undriveable on Saturday, and by Monday I was in an almost new truck.

I feel like if I had clung to old feelings it would have jammed this whole process up that was unfolding one Reiki step after another. The turnaround time was uncanny. The people who showed up for me that day were wonderful. And the whole time I felt like something much greater than me was directing this…

Just like the swoosh I felt to move forward in Reiki.

You cannot deny this healing power!


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