Society’s Hidden Treasure

Do you ever feel you have the answers to everything hidden deep inside of you? Even as a child I had this knowing. Life seemed simple then, because things appeared to be clearly planned out and expected.

You went to school to learn what was needed to survive in the world and attended church each Sunday to keep on track with the process. You knew one day you would marry and have children. If you were a male you would work to financially care for the family, female’s job was to birth a family and maintain it and the home. Yet, my inner knowing kept saying this isn’t the complete package.

The day came when the legendary book fell off the shelf and into my hand. Validation of my knowing had arrived! How do I transition my life to living these truths?

In 1988 I was shown a way. I was introduced to a great gift called Reiki Natural Healing. It wasn’t just handed to me on a silver platter I had to work for it. In fact to this day I continue to uncover deeper and deeper levels of its unlimited healing potential.

At first I was confused by its simplicity. After training, my Reiki Master said, “Do these hand positions and let Reiki teach you.”  My mind wanted more and yet my desire in learning Reiki was to stop giving the mind control of my life.

Finally I allowed myself to be led and excitedly trusted  the sensations, thoughts and feeling that were introducing me to my true self, while I was assisting others to do the same.

It feels good to be a part of  a process that connects us directly to our source and doesn’t require my total understanding. Willingness to be faithful to the form of an oral tradition guides the way to a never ending  journey filled with love and exciting adventures for clients, students and myself.


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