My Son’s Car Accident

I will always be so grateful for your love and understanding and making the time for my rush request for Distant Reiki Treatment for Kalei. I knew everything would be fine once he received your healing energy. He was in his hospital room waiting for us before we even realized his surgery was done. He called my cellphone and asked where I was. I was overcome with relief and joy. He was discharged well before the original 2-week schedule, being released 5 days early due to his quick healing. The doctor told Kalei he was recovering well. This was one day after his second surgery to reposition his scalp and attach the skin graft. I had also been giving him Reiki treatments as often as I could in the hospital. It helped with healing and moderate to severe pain, even while on pain meds.

Now at home I have been able to give him Reiki treatments more often. I am so thankful to be able to do this for him. Today was Kalei’s follow up appointment. The bandages were removed and the doc said, “It looks fantastic!” I could not have been happier at that moment. His head has an uneven shape, but who cares? I will continue to do daily Reiki treatments on him to assist emotional and mental healing too.

Another thing that was happening was the occurrence of short dreams during Reiki. He would go into a dream state so quickly that I was surprised and a bit worried. He says they’re all different and he can remember them. He normally doesn’t dream or cannot remember his dreams after awakening (prior to his accident that is). Probably emotional blocked energy releasing.

What you did for him and our family in our time of need was priceless and will never be forgotten. Love you!

Tonya-Anne Murray, Kahului, HI


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