Tessa’s Reiki Healing Process

Tessa is 12 years old and has been a Reiki practitioner since she was 7 years old. She was misdiagnosed in Arizona and was given antibiotics and steroids for 5 days. By the time she was done with her medication, her rash had turned into big bruises from the knees down with inflammation and arthritis in her joints and she still had a constant dry cough and fever.

Her mother reports – when we returned home to Kauai 4 days later, we found out the rash she had was Erythema Nodosum which meant that her body was fighting against a serious infection. She was hospitalized 3 days for testing. I was sending Reiki to her and pushing her to give herself more Reiki.

She was released from the hospital on the condition that if she didn’t have a fever she could go to school Monday. The only problem was she still had swelling and pain in her legs. Monday the fever came back and Tessa was back on bedrest. I was looking to get her a wheelchair for school as her legs needed to be elevated.

The Erythema Nodosum comes and goes, but the swelling doesn’t move much. The swelling for this is very different from a broken leg/or sprained foot swelling, as the spots actually have some of the fungus in them. The symptoms last on average 4-6 weeks and the only treatment is antifungal medication for 90 days or more or a person can die from it. Tessa’s case is being reported to the CDC and we had 4 Dr.’s on Kauai, 1 Dr. in Honolulu and a Dr. in California working on her case.

I realized that Tessa needed some more assistance with not just the physical, but on all levels of emotional and mental self too. I contacted our Reiki Master Shalandra Abbey to see what my options were and she recommended we start immediately with 4 distant Reiki treatments 4 days in a row. Tessa kept a journal to jot things down as she processed them during these treatments.

tessa reiki healing

1st Treatment – She fell asleep right away (she won’t take naps). She slept for about 1-1/2 hours and said she was “out cold” and was surprised she slept so long. When she woke up, before she stood up, she couldn’t breathe through her left nostril very well and felt blocked further down in her throat. Also, her mid back, thoracic area was stiff and sore. Her back was open when she fell asleep, when she woke up and stood up her back cracked/adjusted. She says “her brain feels completely clear, if I sit down, I cannot think of anything.” Tessa says usually her brain is full and she can think of something easily, now it feels like a “fog” has been lifted.

2nd Treatment – Shalandra’s treatment report showed a great deal of blocked energy releasing in both right knee and right foot and she didn’t know they were injured 2 weeks ago and were the most swollen by the Erythema Nodosum. She also reported Reiki releasing a great deal of blocked energy in the throat and it has been bothering Tessa for weeks, she has had a dry cough since the end of September. Last night and this morning, Tessa said she is feeling better. She woke up with a sore back and her feet were a little tight when she was walking around. When she got dressed this a.m., she finally was able to wear her favorite clothing item, jeggings/leggings! They no longer bothered her lower legs as they did before this treatment.

3rd Treatment – Tessa said it was harder to relax for this session; she kept rolling around trying to find a comfortable position. She did not fall asleep. Afterwards, she said she felt annoyed right after the session for a few minutes and wasn’t sure why. She had only some slight swelling in the feet and the back was a bit itchy.

4th Treatment – This a.m., Tessa slept in longer and her swelling is all down and we can see her feet! Tessa announced to me that she felt fine, happy and at peace. I was excited to hear that from my preteen as she usually doesn’t express herself to me as much. The big red/brown spots were above the skin at first, but now are under the skin and only look like big bruises. Most of them feel smooth now! This morning, Tessa got up early and immediately grabbed some oranges to eat. Her energy is coming back! Tessa is now acting like her old self again!


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